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Bowling, toaster oven and sponge bob… life is good.

Posted Aug 22 2009 12:00am

Oh weekends, I love you.

Friday night I went bowling!  Haven’t done that for a long, long time.  First we hit up Subway where I got my footlong turkey sub.  Oh Subway, how I love thee.


Then it was on like donkey kong at the bowling alley.  Except not really, because one thing that S forgot to tell me in all the time we have been together is the fact that he must have been a professional bowler in his past life.  He does like this shady curveball thing when he lets the ball rip down the lane… it goes wayyy over to the right and you think for sure it’s going to be a gutter ball.  But then right before it goes in the gutter, it does a turnaround and beelines straight to the middle of the lane where it hits the pins and gets a strike.  It’s incredible.  And big bro taught little bro in the four games that we played, so by the end of the night they were both doing it and majorly kicking my ass.  I think I scored more than 100 in one of our games, which is always my big goal, so I was happy.  Here’s a pretty cool action shot I got of S:


Saturday started off with sleeping in.  Not getting out of bed until 11:30, while rare, is a much appreciated and anticipated event.  Then we headed to Barnes and Nobles for our ritual.  Breakfast was some cottage cheese protein cheesecake I had made the day before to use up some cottage cheese that was about to expire, a clementine, and a kashi bar.  The backdrop for the kashi bar shows Alyssa Milano’s wedding dress, because I couldn’t help but liken it to a wrinkled up napkin that was sitting right next to my breakfast at the table when I took the picture.  What was she thinking?

IMG00099-20090822-1402 IMG00100-20090822-1447

We spent the afternoon at Target getting S some new work clothes.  It was pretty fun, although after a couple of hours it got a little old standing outside of the dressing room.  But I did get some things for myself, including a new toaster oven.  My old one bit the dust (it was totally old and ghetto, I’m surprised it even lasted this long) and I use it alllll the time for everything so I definitely needed a new one.  It’s a really nice Black and Decker with convection baking, toasting, the works.  Ha, maybe that isn’t impressive for all you professional cookers/bakers out there but to me it ROCKS!

toaster oven toaster oven

Annnd… I’m not going to lie…. S bought me a set of SPONGE BOB DINNERWARE!  Well, probably dinnerware isn’t the right word for it because it’s made of plastic and probably made for a child around the age of four, but you know what I mean.  A matching plate, bowl and cup!!!

sponge bob

And along with his new clothes, S got a sleek fedora hat.  He has been wearing it dancing around the house all afternoon.  He thinks he’s Frank Sinatra or MJ or something…


What a cutie patootie.  Dinner was an Oroweat thin with peanut butter and raisins, carrots and hummus:


And dessert of angel food cake and pudding:


And I baked brownies for S and I to test out my new toaster oven (with convection baking!!)  You know I ate mine on my new Sponge Bob plate….


Ok, bed time for bozos.  I have an early morning wakeup call for my 16-mile run tomorrow.  I’m scared, scared, scared so doubt I will get much sleep anyways…

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