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Botox Torrance - Common Procedures for the Middle-Aged

Posted Aug 08 2011 10:31am

The South Bay area of California is rich with beautiful sites, and with good vision you can enjoy all the picturesque scenery the area has to offer. Laser Eye Surgery South Bay is one to achieve the vision you want without the need of glasses. This procedure uses a laser to reshape the cornea, which is the transparent covering over the eye. The laser is of a design that will treat refractive errors of the eye and in turn, make improvements in vision and reduce, or even completely rule out the need for glasses or contact lenses.It takes a specially trained surgeon to successfully perform this procedure.

As with all types of surgeries there are risks and possible complications. When considering South Bay Lasik, keep the risks in mind as you make your decision. Your vision may be over or under corrected and may need more treatment. You may still need to wear contact or glasses after the surgery to enhance your vision, but this is rare. Results may not be permanent and another surgery will be needed for further correction. You may experience some visual disturbances such as double vision or halos. Some people experience an increase in dry eye symptoms that may become progressively worse. You may lose vision.

If the sand and sun of South Bay has taken a toll on your skin and wrinkles are noticeable, you may decide that Botox Torrance is for you. The injects are a cosmetic procedure that requires that a medical professional inject medication into muscles of the face to improve the appearance of moderate or even severe frown lines located in-between the eyebrows in people ages 18 to 65 years old. The injections results are temporary. The injections can also help improve brow lines, creases in the cheeks and chin area and the appearance of crow’s feet. Clcik the

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