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Botox For Respite from Chronic Migraine

Posted Oct 24 2010 11:06pm

Individuals suffering from migraine attacks on a fortnightly basis in a month’s time presently have another alternative for averting such debilitating episodes – Botox shots. The FDA lately gave its approval to using the drug onabotulinumtoxin A (BoNTA) or botox for this purpose.

For thwarting chronic migraine episodes, Botox jab would need to be administered in the head, neck areas in twelve weekly time intervals & can loosen your purse strings by nearly 1200 dollars for every shot based on the quantity of medication being employed & any further doctor’s charges, as per information provided by WK Pharma Solutions.

Botox for migrainesWhen employed aptly, our bodies are generally able to tolerate Botox however it isn’t without its risks. Side-effects entail headaches, feeling nauseous, back & neck pains, bruise formations, pains experienced at jab location, transitory weakening felt in the muscle that endured the injection, oral dryness & irritation/dryness in the eye areas. Grave & atypical reactions do occur in case Botox spreads to other muscle sets from where it was firstly injected leading to wide-ranging weaknesses, necessity to use respirators & rarely even deaths arising.

The novel acceptance by the Food and Drug Administration was dependent on duo trials known as ‘PREEMPT-1’ and ‘PREEMPT-2’ which entailed an entirety of 1384 individuals ailing from chronic migraine. The trials noted that individuals undergoing therapy with BoNTA suffered lesser number of days from migraines as compared to the study entrants who were given a dummy. But, 1% of the individuals who were given BoNTA sensed an acute deterioration in their migraines for which they had to be hospitalized in comparison to solely 0.3% of those people taking a dummy. The study set given BoNTA was more prone to suffering from side-effects like headaches, paralysis of the face and droopy eyelid.

BoNTA has not been found to be effective as a preventative measure among individuals having migraine episodes occurring lesser than a fortnight each month – which the Food and Drug Administration also made note of during its declaration. In case one generally experiences relapsing migraine attacks then according to the parameters set by the United States Headache Consortium, an alliance of medical assemblages helmed by the AAN indicate that preventative therapy might be apt in case one’ migraine attacks are regular or disrupting. Preventative measures might additionally be beneficial in case over-usage of migraine medicines is causal to rebound headaches.

Botox is among the many migraine preventative therapies presently obtainable. There are 4 other medications that have garnered approval for preventing migraine headache that entail duo beta blockers which are additionally employed for treating hypertension (propranolol – Inderal & generic) & timolol & duo anticonvulsants – (topiramate- Topamax & generic) & valproic acid –(Depakkote & generic).

Prescription of tricyclic antidepressant medicines (TCA’s) are another class of medicines additionally used  for preventing migraines although they do not have approval from the Food and Drug Administration for such reason. A medicine particularly, amitriptyline has been extensively researched at a more frequent basis in comparison to others & the sole drug in this category which has time and again been observed in scientific trials to lessen the regularity of migraine episodes.

Some other therapies entail healing acupuncture, sensor-based biofeedback for tracking blood supply or activities of muscles, CBT, relaxation technique have even been effectual in migraine prevention during scientific studies, either independently or when merged with medicine therapy. Locating a therapy which appears to work could differ in every individual & could involve some extent of trial-&-error.

In case a person’s migraine attacks are occurring with lesser frequency & he/she doesn’t need a preventative therapy could try considering OTC pain allaying medicines or based in the acuteness of migraine episodes, prescription medicines like triptan – such medications are not employed as preventative measure however instead one takes these when one senses an upcoming episode.

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