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Boston is Beautiful

Posted Jul 25 2011 12:00am

As you will see, I am quite obsessed with taking pictures of beautiful buildings while looking up at them. I love the contrast of the buildings against the sky. I have always been very enamoured with Boston and it’s blend of old and new architecture. There is so much history here and it is an incredibly beautiful city.

After work on Friday I decided I needed to do a little bit of retail therapy. Just a little. This picture is not the best quality but this is the shirt I had just bought from Express. It brought happiness to my Friday night… and so did the wine!

We had late dinner plans with Kate and Joe at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, East Coast Grill and Raw Bar in Inman Square! Before meeting at the restaurant, Andrew and I interrupted our walk there for drinks at the Independent in Union Square…

Grapefruit Gimlet! I love love love acidic drinks… this was perfect.

I have been to the East Coast Grill countless times in the past…. and had always been in love with the food there. I mean they have this insanely delicious house-made pickle assortment they give you as a complimentary starter. How could you not love that!? I could eat my weight’s worth of that stuff for sure! The restaurant focuses on BBQ and fresh seafood. They have an open kitchen which is always really lively and makes the restaurant smell amazing. They have an awesome raw bar, some SUPER hot food and killer mixed drinks (Flaming volcano!?)

This was my first visit back after a few years… we got there pretty late and were the last folks to leave!

We started with cocktails….

Moved on to Hell Brined Smoked and Grilled Jerk Chicken Wings with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce and banana guava ketchup. Holy hell these were HOT! I had one or two… All I remember is that I felt as though my face was burning off. I think I tried to tough it out but I really wanted to enjoy the rest of my meal. Andrew however could not get enough of them…

I got a salad and the grilled spice crusted mahi-mahi with sautéed greens, grilled avocado!!, pineapple salsa and fried plantains… the plantains were out of control… the mahi was so-so. Overall I have to say it was just an ‘eh’ experience which was too bad because I had been talking up the east Coast Grill for ages! All restaurants have ‘off’ nights… and I wouldn’t really say it was an ‘off’ night it just wasn’t that ‘wow this place is amazing’ experience… it probably didn’t help that we were the last patrons to leave…

Fast forward to Saturday!

I was determined to get in a 4 mile run in the morning. I had lots of energy and a new route I wanted to try. Voila! 4 mile run completed… City Wine Tour in the Back Bay to get ready for…

I may start giving wine tours in Boston over the weekends so I was offered a chance to attend one of the tours to see if I would enjoy giving them. Our guide was Wes Narron. I actually used to work with Wes years ago at the Wine Gallery in Brookline! It was so good to see Wes (Fabulous tour guide!), taste some vino, and walk around the Back Bay for the afternoon…

The John Hancock building is the tallest building in Boston and I think it is absolutely breathtaking…

Trinity Church

We ended the tour with a tasting at Bacco’s Wine and Cheese where Paul freshened up our palates with crisp French and Californian blended whites.

Of course I resisted temptation I did not leave empty handed! We had a house warming party to go to so it made sense to get some wine right there at Bacco’s! I also got some Boston raw honey (Honey and butter on fresh bread or toast = pure heaven) and a Pretty Things beer for Andrew (The beer was called Field Mouse’s Farewell).

I could not stop myself from taking pictures on the way back to my car… these were taken on Marborough Street. My absolute favorite residential street in Boston hands down. It is SO charming with all the lamp posts, beautiful brown stones, and gardens. It is always so peaceful. It looks like a scene out of a Charles Dickens novel or something! Especially in the winter. I like to imagine people walking down the streets in Boston back in the 1800′s… it’s a weird habit of mine.

Annnnd of course my walk would not be complete without yet another shot of the Hancock building! (I think I have around 60 shots of it!)

Found my car… ready to go!

I picked Andrew up along with a cheese plate I had made earlier and we were off to Billerica for a friends house warming party! Meg has been friends with Andrew for years and I was excited to meet her and her boyfriend Craig! They really scored a wonderful house! It is very charming, and private.

Hanging out with Jade and Nick….

Cavit Pinot Grigio in a Solo Cup!


We left around 8ish because we both had early mornings the next day. I had a 6 mile run planned and Andrew had Jiu Jitsu.

Rather than cooking we decided to order pizza from Beauty’s…. I got the Greek Beauty on whole wheat with puttanesca sauce and a Greek salad. Honestly… I like their pizza but I don’t love it. I like to order from them because they have whole wheat crust. But I think we need to start branching out… other pizza places that deliver have whole wheat crust and I am determined to discover and try all of them!

Sunday morning!! My Sister and I planned on running 6 miles along the Charles… but the weather didn’t look so hot early on so we met at L.A. Fitness and did our 6 mile run there!

Started off with two pieces of Vermont Bread Company whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread with loads of peanut butter…

Yeah! 6 miles wasn’t bad at all! I probably could have done more but the balls of my feet were killing me. 6 miles in 1 hour wasn’t so bad but my goal for the half marathon in October is to run a 9 min 30 sec mile. I feel like that may seem a bit slow but I think it would be a perfect time for me.

Some post run snacks… Avocado mixed with hot salsa, Special K Chips (These are seriously VERY delicious!) and some grapes.

Andrew and I did our laundry.. some food shopping and were back home by 4 to relax for the rest of the day…

Chicken tacos for Andrew and my predictable salad bowl!

Before being bathed in hot sauce….

I love these bowls… I tend to eat the same things over and over until I get bored of it. This salad bowl is topped with a reduced sodium (until I pour salt all over it) Amy’s California Veggie Burger.

Cheers to a great weekend!

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