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Boston Bound

Posted Jan 15 2011 11:07am

Boston Massachusetts

Mike booked our flight and hotel for the Boston Marathon this week!  It’s real now.  We won’t have long to spend there because I have to return to work on Wednesday.  The marathon is ran on a Monday.  Isn’t that weird?  I’ve not been to the east coast so I am excited!  Now we need to find our suitcases.  I also may do a little online shopping and get a laptop messenger bag .  I’m really loving my new laptop although with the lack of my blog posts you might not think i’m using it often.


My workouts are going great.  I’ve been doing some serious HIIT.  30 seconds all out and 30 secs moderate pace.  It’s tough but what I need.  My trainer is making me out a new meal plan.  He thinks i’m undereating and he’s probably right.  For the amount of activity I do I need more.  Hopefully i’ll see changes after this.


I’m going to do a product review for you all for CSN   I love doing these and letting you know about tried and true products.  This time I will review an exercise ball .  These are so good for your entire core in general.  I’ll give you some moves and tips on using one.  These are very inexpensive and great to have for your home gym.

J Fit - 20-0120 - 18" Stability Exercise Ball

Do you have or use an exercise ball? 
Have you been to Boston?

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