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Book Review: The Hormone Diet

Posted Jan 10 2013 10:10pm


I love nutrition and self-help books. I could peruse the red room of Powells for days looking at all of the different kinds of books on those shelves. Or Amazon! I love how they include “Other books you may like” at the bottom. That keeps me browsing for hours! I love learning the latest and greatest about bodies, food and behavior. Did you know that my major in college Psychology? Never thought I would use it once I left Multnomah….ha. Not that eating and behavior have anything….to…….with each other- oh wait.

So, in my insatiable thirst for knowledge, the Multnomah County Library has become my refuge from massive debt (books are expensive!!). Did you know that you can browse their entire inventory online and have the book of your choice shipped to a library near you? Awesome!

Well, this book I bought online because I had a hunch that it would be one I would be loaning out and re-reading a bunch. Someone has it right now…..who was that? Shoot, I can never remember. I should make a list of these kinds of things. Library, hats off to you for being smarter and more clever than I.


Ok, so on to the book. The Hormone Diet, written by ND Dr. Natasha Turner (a Canadian) was featured on Dr. Oz. Now, don’t get me wrong, Dr. Oz can be waaaay off sometimes, but in this episode he was right on. Sometimes fat loss wont occur if the body’s hormones are unbalanced. God created us as creatures of balance: our proprioception, hormone balance, pH balance, gut flora to bacteria balance, omega 3:6 balance…..and if one thing is off, it can throw off everything else! It’s like have a shoulder injury and doing a “lower body workout”- you can’t because it’s all connected!!

In The Hormone Diet, Dr. Turner talks about hormones and their functions which is great just by itself. Then she gives a you a little questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire has questions pertaining to individual hormones like progesterone, cortisol, thyroid and more. You look at the list of symptoms and check off which ones you have. She gives you a “warning” number which means if you are over that number, you might have an issue with that hormone. Then she goes into how to balance those specific hormones!

Her approach is in phases. Phase 1 is taking care of the gut (which I am actually doing right now!). You restore healthy bacteria via extra strength probiotics, repair intestinal lining with herbs and kill of yeast. It’s intense and some people experience major candida die off symptoms. She has a website where you can order these herbal remedies- I looked at them and they look awesome. I got mine from my ND and they were about the same cost wise.

Phase 2 is a metabolic reset where specific hormones are addressed (ie: supplementing thyroid, lowering cortisol, balancing pH). This part makes me a little bit nervous because you really should be tested before messing with hormones. Just because you have hypothyroid symptoms does not mean that you are actually hypothyroid. I just spent $300 on testing for hormones and found that I’m not actually hypothyroid, it’s just that my conversion of T4 to T3 is not happening, which actually has more to do with my elevated cortisol. Crazy! So, it’s good for reference and education, but definitely get tested first.

Phase 3 is all about diet. She approached diet from a Medi-glycemic approach, meaning watch your starches and sugars! I appreciated what she had to say about diet, but in the end, I will stick with Paleo. She does give some good insights on liver cleansing and detoxification, for sure. Which is why I am sitting here sipping hot water with lemon (yay detox!).

This book is a great read and definitely one that I would recommend. It has an Amazon rating of 4 stars and gets my enthusiastic thumbs up. I got it for $3 plus shipping on Amazon, but you can also check and your local library.

Have you read it? What did you think?

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