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Book Release: Raw Beauty!

Posted Nov 23 2012 5:00am


Raw Beauty
Ditch the Make Up and Reveal Your Natural Glow!

  • 77 pages
  • 9 chapters: the importance of beautiful skin, what makes a beautiful skin?, the problem with commercial beauty products, the problem with make up, different skin types and how to treat them, topical raw beauty products, beauty routines, raw beauty foods & supplements & other natural remedies
  • Learn how to care for your skin, hair & nails from inside and out
  • Discover the power of plants for moisturizing your skin, diminishing acne, fade scars, reduce pore size, smoothen out wrinkles, whiten your teeth and stronger, fuller hair!
  • Understand the intricate workings of the body and how to achieve natural beauty – sans make up or products
  • Only 100% natural suggestions for skin care – no expensive products, no chemicals
  • A section on foods that have beautifying effects from the inside out to help with your topical beauty regime
  • Open to a world of ancient old natural remedies that will drastically improve the look of your skin
  • This book is all about getting the glow, naturally


Have you ever wondered about the destructive impact commercial beauty products have on your skin and health (and that of the environment, for that matter)?

Have you ever questioned the dependency most women seem to have on  beauty products and artificial beauty?

Have you ever asked yourself if there wasn’t a better, cheaper, more natural and most importantly, more effective way to attain beauty?

If you long for a more natural beauty – one without the need for chemical cosmetics and harsh cleansers, Raw Beauty will teach you exactly how.


Raw Beauty - ditch the make up and reveal your natural glow is a unique book in that it poses a complete new strategy to attain natural beauty. A fresh look on what beauty really means, the confronting issues with commercial products, and the solution; a complete overhaul of your beauty routine. Be prepared to need less and less products yet look better and better every day.

Sounds to good to be true? I hear ya. I thought so too, not too long ago. Until I got tired of looking at my skin full with inflammation, scars and enlarged pores and decided it was worth a shot to throw out all my products and try something new.

Plants. On my face.  It worked.

Did you know the skin is perfectly able of maintaining itself without the need of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and other products? The same goes for your hair. It is our interfering with natural processes, that we created the need for these very products. It is a vicious cycle.

Did you know that by using commercial cleansers on your face you ruin the oil and pH balance of your skin, therefore inviting bacteria (which help cause outbreaks) and either an excess or a lack of protective skin oil?

Luckily we can reverse the damage we have done to our skin and hair, as long as we know how, and with what 100% natural products, products found in nature.

Within about a month or two my (chronic) acne subsided by about 70-80%. My scars were healing fast and fading, my pores appeared smaller, and my skin started to look overall a lot healthier. It started glowing. With just working on my skin on the outside, I saw more positive changes than in the past 10 years combined (where I tried pretty much everything except for the really hardcore stuff, like accutane).

True skin health and beauty comes from the inside, that will never change. But I am here to show you that what you apply to your skin on the outside will also make a tremendous impact. It’s your choice if you want this to be a positive and natural one, or a chemical and dangerous one.  In my book I give a bounty of tips on how to heal your skin (whether that be acne, dry skin or premature aging, and more) from the inside out, but now know it is equally important to support your skin from the outside as well. This will built your confidence and improve your looks, while you are still in the healing process, so that you feel less dependent on commercial beauty products and make up (which only aggravate the problem).

In this eBook you will learn

  • Why having beautiful skin is actually important and not just a case of the vanities
  • What the essential components of beautiful skin are and how to attain these, broken down per topic
  • How commercial beauty products, such as shampoo, cleansers and even toothpaste, form a  very real threat not only to your looks but also your health (with real-life examples and products broken down to their chemical constituents and their health risks – varying from allergies to cancer)
  • Why it is important to take a critical look at the use of, and dependency on, make up
  • What your skin type is and what products will support your typeand which are best avoided
  • The very best 100% natural replacements for each and every item in your bathroom
  • How to give yourself a safe, cheap and effective chemical peel
  • How to combine these plant products into a beauty routine that improves your particular skin typ and problems
  • How  and what to eat to heal and and support your skin, hair and nails from the inside out – no matter what your skin type – and make them glow !
  • How to make all of your own grooming products – with only a handful of simple and inexpensive materials (as always; no complex, mind boggling recipes allowed!)
  • Surprising natural healing remedies to improve the overall quality of your skin and enhance your beauty (and health!)
  • All in all; well over 50 beauty products, suggestions, and natural remedies – some of which you have never heard  of (guaranteed!)
Screen shots of the book





Does this sound like just what the doctor ordered for your skin?

Are you yearning to learn the secrets of naturally flawless skin?

Are you done with years of insecurities and money wasted on ‘magic pills’?


Investment in your glow: €12,50   ($16)

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24hr release discount! From Friday 11AM – Saturday 11AM CET time

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