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Bonus Blog Post - Recipe

Posted Sep 13 2012 6:44pm
emoticon This wins the Blue Ribbon so far! emoticon

It was SO yummy! And is still healthy!
Here's what went in it...
I am a baker, everything is a work in progress!

From the Healthy Apron Baker (that's me!)

Monster Chip Muffin
3 Tbs. Liquid Egg Whites
1/2 tsp. Sweet Leaf Stevia
1 tsp. Vanilla (I use Mexican vanilla)
1 Tbs. Unsweetened Apple Sauce
1/2 tsp. Jello pudding mix, Vanilla (yup, fake sweetener but helps with the moisture)
1/4 cup Unsweetened Flax Milk
4g Nectar Sweets Double Stuffed Cookie Protein Powder (This stuff is awesome, but does have Splenda)
2 Tbs. Bob's Red Mill Low Fat Soy Flour
1 Tbs. Bob's Red Mill Coconut Flour
1 tsp. Baking powder
1/4 tsp. Baking Soda
1 Tbs. Sunspire Unsweetened Carob Chips

Combine all but the chips, pour into prepared muffin tin. Top with chips.

Crumb Topping
1 Tbs. Coconut Flour
1 tsp. Special Dark Cocoa Powder
1 tsp. Unsweetened Sauce
4g. Nectar Sweets Double Stuffed Cookie Protein Powder
1/2 tsp. Jello pudding mix, Chocolate
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
Enough milk to create the sticky crumble.

Crumble over top of the muffin and chips.
Bake in 350 oven for 35-40 minutes, or until done when tested.

Sound sinful?
Calories: 269
Carbs: 27
Fat: 7
Protein: 22

It was AMAZING!!!! Super moist and perfect after my run!!
I know there are a lot of ingredients for one big old muffin, but it is worth it if you have the time. Great balance of protein and carbs and no sugar! Only fake crap is in the tsp of jello pudding mix and the protein powder. I try not to do much sweetener, Splenda can mess with my stomach. This is a small amount and you could use whatever protein powder you would like and you can leave out the Jello.
So, it isn't 100% clean, but it ranks pretty high on the Yum Scale and Stats Scale!

Happy Baking!

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