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Bonding, Brunch, Beach and Goodbyes

Posted Aug 09 2009 12:00am

What a weekend. What a week. What a month. What a freakin summer! Exhausted doesn’t even begin to sum up how I am feeling right now. But I am happy as a clam (or as Stephen would say, “Happy like a clam”. Gotta love non-native english speakers, so cute!)

Stephen’s family left the US yesterday. We dropped them off at the airport and there were tears all around. Since this weekend was their last few days here, we jam-packed them full of things. Friday night, I invited Stephen’s sister over to my house for a sleepover. I cooked her dinner, pasta with ground beef for them and shirataki pasta with shrimp for me, with some protein french toast and a slice of Switzerland cheese:

shrimp shirataki protein french toast

And then we took her to this really great candy shop, Powell’s Sweet Shop , in downtown Los Gatos and let her pick out whatever she wanted. She got these cute gummy candies shaped like hamburgers and pizza and french fries and stuff. I got chocolate chip cookie dough bites, yummers. Although I probably shouldn’t have bought chocolate since I have a lifetime supply of Swiss chocolate now (see marvelous pictures below.)

Saturday morning, I invited the whole family over for brunch at my house. I made the works… pancakes, bacon, sausage, bread, cheese, bagels, fruit, cookies, doughnuts… you name it. A real American brunch. It was totally a hit, and we all had a good time. This is a snapshot of the spread:


And here is Stephen and I sitting down to chow down:


Fun times all around.  After brunch we drove up to Half Moon Bay and went to the beach.  Although I didn’t go in the freezing cold water, I thoroughly enjoyed myself laying on the beach.  And I got majorly sunburned because I’m retarded and didn’t put on suntan lotion.  It totally looked hazy and it wasn’t hot, so I ignored everything I ever learned about getting sunburned through the clouds and I laid out on the sand.  Plus, I pulled my shirt up to let my stomach get some sun.  It was the first time my stomach had seen daylight since way before my surgery – so over a year and a half.  Suffice to say… it burned to a crisp and I look like a lobster.  Lesson learned, that’s for sure.  After basically taking a bath in aloe vera, I went to bed scared shitless for my 14 mile long run planned for the morning.

6:00am, my alarm clock started buzzing.  I hopped out of bed, downed a protein bar and took an aloe vera bath.  I was not looking forward to my long run with the sunburn, but I guess that’s what I get for being an idiot.  I put on the loosest running clothes that I own, prepped my Garmin, dragged Stephen out of bed (although he can’t run, he was going to bike all 14 miles with me) and we were off.  It actually went really well, I did a new route and kept off the Los Gatos Creek Trail, which I am getting kind of sick of.  Stephen was a great cheerleader and kept me going, and I picked a good choice of loose-fitting, light running clothes that didn’t irritate my sunburn too much.

I was pretty darn proud of myself.  I have passed the half-marathon mark.  Next week is a shortie, 10 miles, and then the following week is a 16-miler.  I’m not thinking about that now… I’m living in denial until two weeks from now.  I got home famished and made myself a pancake breakfast, had another protein bar and basically an entire cantaloupe:

pancakes cantaloupe protein bar

Then we went out for lunch with Stephen’s parents for a final farewell meal, and took them to the airport.  As I mentioned, it was very sad.  It was stressful having so many people around all the time, but the truth is that I loved it.  I miss my family so much, and having them around, telling me that I was a part of their family, was incredible.  I am very excited for October, to see them in their environment and have the tables turned – them being the hosts and showing me around a completely new place.  I can’t wait.  I drowned my sorrows of them leaving in Swiss cookies, Swiss chocolate and brownies (as well as ice cream and various other things.  Good thing I ran 14 miles, because I basically ate everything I could get my hands on.)

swiss cookies 100_0525 swiss chocolate brownie bites

They left me with many fond memories, and also many gifts.  Along with the clothes, bags, posters, calendar, raclette machine and fondue pot they gave while they were here, they gave me a navigation system that they bought when they arrived (it wouldn’t work in Switzerland), an awesome genuine Swiss Army knife:

Swiss army knife

A TON of cheese for eating, for fondue and for raclette:


And, the world’s biggest collection of chocolate.  This is literally just 1/10th of what they left… no exaggerating – I swear:

swiss chocolate swiss chocolate swiss chocolate swiss chocolate swiss chocolate swiss chocolate swiss chocolate

Whoa mama.  I will talk to you next week, if I am out of my chocolate coma by then.

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