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BodyRock Sport Winners

Posted Feb 16 2012 8:05am

Hey POPsters!

Phewwww…just finished reading through all 371 of your answers to the BodyRock Sport dream career question! You guys inspire me with your hopes, dreams, and determination! It was hard to choose who would win but I broke it down into 3 different types of winners. 1 person who’s dreaming big. 1 person who is proactively fighting for their dream. And 1 person who is living their dream.

And here they are :)

Penny says:

I want to become a super heroine when I grow up. No seriously. I am training to become an emergency medical technician, rapidly going up belt levels in taekwondo and hapkido, working out super hard so I can be invincible, and in the future I plan to go to law school (just like She Hulk) so I can help people in all ways possible. I never want to be helpless when I see someone in trouble.

Cassey: This is such a creative answer. You are a super heroine in the making. Save the world girl!!!!

Penny, you are the winner of the Jill Tank!

Liz Shiao says: 

My Dream job is to be a fashion designer! I’ve always had a nack for clothing and shoes and was always the “fashionista” in my group of friends but I never persued it. I went to college for Pharmacy school with the lack of interest in science. I was so money driven I didnt care about what I really loved to do. I didn’t care about what I was passionate about, all I cared about was to be financially stable when I graduated. After going through school for a couple of years I became very unhappy and stressed. I hated my classes and did not enjoy it one bit. It took a lot of time and courage to make a decision to actually follow my dreams. I’ve decided recently that I am not going to finish my years to be a pharmacist but transfer schools to a different state to go to a fashion school. IM FOLLOWING MY DREAM; and not regretting the fact that I didn’t try. I realized that the only person that can change the life you live is yourself, and it takes a lot of courage and will power to do so. People always ask me why such a crazy change of majors, and its because it’s what I WANT to do. :-)

Cassey: When I read this it SOOOOOO reminded me of the struggles I endured in college. I will talk about my journey on my new entrepreneur channel…but man. I too chose to stop wasting time in a field I did not love. Life has to be fulfilling and you have to LOVE what you do if you want to truly live. I always wanted to be a designer too! And now I am. But my degree is in BIology. Oh how life plays with us. Good job Liz!!!!!!!! Woooot woooooot!!!!

Liz, you are the winner of the Parvati Bra!

Alexandra says: 

Well I am actually living my dream career that started quite an original way. A couple of years ago, as I was unemployed and having difficulties to find a job, I stayed at home and barely went outside. To occupy my time I started drawing & doing digital painting. I put some of my images online, did a gallery on deviantart, and with time people began being interested in my creations. So I began illustrating books, cd covers, and so on. With time, the requests were so numerous that I decided to set up my own company… and now I am my own boss, and my business is doing really great. So I am encouraging people to believe in themselves to make great things happen :)

Cassey: You made it happen. You are a doer, a motivator, and a winner! I salute you for living your dream. Major props. We need leaders like you in this world. You make it possible for everyone to know that being happy with your job is not some far-fetched fantasy.

Alexandra, you are the winner of the Nora Skinny Leggings!

Congrats to our 3 POPsters above! Please email me with your mailing address and size. What did you think of their stories? Does it resonate with you? For the rest of us…we still win because GUESS WHAT. Kelly Dooley is extending a 25% off DISCOUNT CODE!!!!

What’s that? YEAH. 25% off!!! We’s all winnnahhhhs!!!

Just type “GORG2012″ at checkout. Take advantage gals, I’ve never seen a code this deep for BodyRock Sport . I personally really like her Floral Bras with zip fronts.

Happy Shopping! Tomorrow I am off to China. I am really sad leaving my lil sis in Sydney. It’s been a fun 2 week vacay but now I am off to a city where I cannot even speak the language. I have a translator who will meet me at the airport. It will be work work work for the next 10 days. If any of you have ideas on what kind of products you would like to see oGorgeous carry, please let me know! I will be in DESIGN MODE, make that BEAST DESIGN MODE, for the next week.

Have a great day! I will be on a plane for a million hours editing the new POP PLYO video. I hope to sit near NO CRYING BABIES. And I hope my feet don’t puff up again. Eew!

Love u a lot! Cassey

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