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Posted Nov 19 2012 9:43pm

Recently, The Gold’s Gym I belong to has been sold to new management.  In the past 8 or so years, I have been a member this has happened multiple times.  Each management change brings about a few changes and the gym has slowly developed.  I already love some of the changes, for example, dumping the TERRIBLE training company that was there as well as having all the staff in Gold’s shirts so you know who is who, is already a drastic improvement.  The  most amazing changing they have brought to the gm is renovating the Group X classes!

Namely, BodyPump.

BodyPump is a weights based group fitness class that incorporates 70-100 reps per each major muscle group, totaling over 800 reps per class.  This class also boasts a burn of up to 560 calories per 55 minutes.  Yes please!

When I first started my running and fitness journey in 2004, I joined a gym in Smithfield, Australia and all the group fitness classes were from LesMills.  I had never heard of them before but I had also never really taken a group fitness classes.  My quickly found that favorite class was BodyPump.  It was a group class where you lift lighter weights with longer reps.  The fitness instructors were ripped and they looked like they were peeled off the cover of Fitness/Surfing Magazine.  Who wouldn’t want to look like them!?  And this is what they were doing?  I’m in!

When I returned to the United States, there were no gyms near me who offered this class.  Then, a few years later the local Holiday Inn’s Fitness Club started up the series.  I was psyched when I heard about it, but it was lackluster and didn’t have the same sparkle it did when I was in Australia.  I only attended a few classes.

THEN BeachBody, the sellers of P90X and Insanity, picked up BodyPump for a home workout series.  I bought it quickly and pretty soon it lived in my closet.  It wasn’t that the videos weren’t good.  I thought they were excellent   However, I am not a great video workout-er.   I lose ambition, focus, and often my pants as Cooper is hanging from them trying to get me to play with him.  Cooper wins 99.5% of the time.

So, I immediately signed up when I saw Gold’s was doing a launch this past Saturday.


In the Group X room, a stage had been built so everyone could see what was going on.  The music was blasting and the instructors (also the gym owners) were upbeat and seemed so excited to be there.  At last!  This was the BodyPump I have been looking for, for the past 8 years!

Photo from Gold’s Gym Facebook Page

Coming off of CrossFit, I have to admit I was feeling pretty cocky.  I loaded my bar up more than most of the other women but barely got through the reps!  Today, I have to admit I am hurting.  Not the bad CrossFit hurting, but the hurt so good hurt, where you feel like you are changing your body.

I never felt this sore after a day of CrossFit.

I will definitely be making this a regular part of my fitness routine!

If you live in the Norton area or a member of that Gold’s you should definitely check it out!

Question:  Have you tried BodyPump before?  What is your favorite group X class?


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