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Bodybuilding Workouts for the Body You Want

Posted Jan 19 2009 1:26am
by Quentin Sanderson

If you are one of those people whose metabolism is really fast, you must have been embarrassed by it on various counts. Looking physically fragile is not the best thing for people who are looking to make a career in sports for example. But the good news is that with proper diet charts and food intake you can put on mass, and fast. There are also some body workouts and weight lifting techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine, to gain well-built muscles.

You are what is known as a ‘hard gainer’, and all you need is the right guidance in gaining the weight you wanted for so long. Yes, that is right, for all hardgainers, what is needed is a totally specialized regime for workouts and following the correct weight lifting techniques. Normal body building exercises will not do you any good in fact any even cause the reverse of what you want. So a thorough knowledge of which muscles you need to work on and utilize is extremely important in your weight gain process. What is ideal for you is a balanced combination of doing weights, cardio and eating the right food, as unlike people who are working out just to build muscles, you need to first get your weight to an ideal mark.

Before starting out on any fitness program or weight lifting technique you should always keep in mind that you are not a body builder, that you do not have their stature and structure. So you have to keep in mind that you cannot afford to do what others do. In fact if you indeed follow a strict regimen and do specially designed weight gain exercises then you will have the possibility of gaining as much as 30 pounds in muscle weight in a mere period of one week. And subsequently if you keep maintaining the regimen you will be guaranteed with a whole new look by the simple virtue of getting a radically different body structure, which is broad and wholesome.

Moreover because you are a hardgainer, you will need to eat the right kind of food. If you don’t keep a watch on what you are consuming the food might even create a hindrance in the path of your gaining weight. Eat healthy but eat healthy in terms of what your body needs. You can eat 6000 calories and still not gain weight if you don’t eat what is needed by your body. So joining a hardgainer program might be a good idea for you as not only will these programs give you the correct exercises you need to do but also give you a whole list of stuff available in the market, that you need to eat to gain the weight you want.

If you have tried all kind of routines and nothing seems to be working, you need to try the hardgainer routine as soon as possible. Things don’t work when they are not suited to your body type. If your plan is not working, maybe its time you changed it. You need the right kind of food, diet supplements and training.

If you are taking nutritional supplements, make sure they suit your body type externally as well as internally. Do not follow the bodybuilding plans that are printed in magazines. Bodybuilders look into retaining their already formed muscle mass. For someone who has a lean body, he needs to build the mass first. Workout regime must include the correct proportion of cardio and weight training. The latter is solely responsible for building and toning muscles. Cardio helps in blood circulations and burns extra calories off the body very effectively. Therefore, with slight planning you can also achieve washboard abs and toned arms and legs.

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