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Bodybuilding Legends - The future of Bodybuilders (Part 1)

Posted Oct 24 2008 7:22pm
by Mick Hart

It is a common fact that Bodybuilders are not immortal and have to die at some stage, but this Bodybuilder was barely 30 years old. Although he was relatively unknown on the world scene as a bodybuilder, he was a U.S state heavyweight champion and one of the best at national level.

He was a big man, 6ft tall, with a contest weight of about 265 lbs. He always looked like a bodybuilder with great potential and, perhaps, one day, he could have achieved that potential. He earned his living from modeling and “escort” work, a life style which would not have had everyone’s approval. But those who knew him said that he was a friendly and helpful guy. Now, it’s all over. Life snuffed out in youth. Why did an apparently fit and healthy man die so young?

It’s been quite a few years now since I have been competing and I have witnessed incredible changes in the standard of competition physiques. We are well aware that a Mr Universe from the 1970’s wouldn’t stand a chance against a modern day novice. Nowadays you can sense the anticipation at contests just to see how much freakier bodybuilders have become. We can be proud of the high standards achieved and can expect to see even greater muscle displays in the future, or can we?

Nobody (except a possible fool) will predict the limits to human endeavor, as they would with no doubt be proven wrong in time. As recently as in 1953 when Mt Everest was climbed for the first time Man achieved the unachievable. Prior to that many had died in their attempt to reach the summit and it was suggested that the height of 29,000 ft [8,838 m] was just basically out of our reach. Well since 1953 the summit has been reached on numerous occasions although others haven’t made it and just because once the mental block has gone you know it can be done.

As with bodybuilding, years ago to be 6ft tall with a 50 in chest was considered superhuman but now any decent 6ft bodybuilder will have a 50in chest even before he thinks about competing. Over 60in is more like big! Every serious bodybuilder wants to be the best he can be and he knows, even if he is still several years away from approaching Pro standard, that he has to plan to be bigger and better than the top guys today. It’s a tall order and to some extent has been a cause of many men deciding not to bother trying - consider the time, the costs and the health risks.

The difference between a top bodybuilder and the Joe Public man-in-the-street is far greater now than it has ever been. Standards have risen because of improved training, improved nutrition, improved understanding of physiology, improved pre-contest dieting, improved life-style and drugs. All of these have had important effects but it is the drugs aspect which I want to consider.

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