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Body Pump and Bachelor Treadmill Thoughts

Posted Jan 22 2012 1:56pm
I was an excuses machine this morning! I probably had about a million of them floating around my brain and they were successfully keeping me from throwing on my workout clothes. Thankfully, with a little push from Dan, I headed out the door and made my way to Body Pump.

For those not familiar with Body Pump, it is a 60 minute weights-based resistance training class and is a really great way to strength-train. The amount of weight you put on your bar is entirely up to you and what is comfortable for your body. Also, the music that is played throughout class is definitely a key motivator  in keeping us all going. I highly recommend just trying one class if your gym has it! Don't be shy to tell the instructor you are new because they looooove newbies and will help you get set up before class! (Right, Erica ? :) )

Today's class was awesome. I was really feeling the music and just felt really strong today. In fact, after class, I had this weird urge to hop on the treadmill and see how fast I could run a mile. It has been awhile since I have done any running so I was quite pleased with my 10:03/min mile!  That gave me a little extra push to sign up for a 5k (last time I ran any kind of organized race was in July 2010)! And, call me crazy but maybe even my very first half marathon by summer?  Kind of fun to think about.

Awkward Running(Squatting?) Photo (One of many)

Does anyone else have the most random thoughts while running on a treadmill?
Here were some of mine-I'm hungry.
-What should I make for lunch?
- I wonder why Ben didn't give Shawntel the rose...was it because of Courtney?
- I hope Ryan takes a long nap today.
-I really need to go back to Target and return some of the things I bought on Friday .
-I'm hungry
-Why is that old woman just wearing a sports bra?
-I wonder who will get asked onto Bachelor Pad!

And the list goes on. Apparently the shower and the treadmill are where I have my most random thoughts. (and I need a life since most of my thoughts revolve around The Bachelor today ;) )

When I got home, I grabbed a banana, Chobani Passionfruit yogurt (love it!), and a big hunk of cinnamon bread slathered with butter.

Be back later with Dan's special pizza dough recipe! It's a good one ;)
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