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Body Image: Perfecting What's Inside

Posted Mar 07 2011 12:00am
One epidemic that has sweeped our nation, in addition to diabetes and Charlie Sheen fans (winning), is poor body image among young women.  Women of all ages, especially women in their 20's like myself, frequently berate themselves and criticize their looks on a daily basis.  However, let's be honest here, the age-old advice to "love your body" just really sucks.  I mean, how many times when you're standing in front of the mirror insanely criticizing your eyebrows is that advice going to work?  Zero.  So is there a solution?

Well, I came across this article from Glamour magazine that I found really interesting.  They performed a study and found that, on average, women have 13 negative things to say about their looks everyday.  After analyzing the data to see what the cause of these negative thoughts were, this is what they found:
When Glamour analyzed the data to look for a cause of these ruthless thoughts, a fascinating trend emerged: Respondents who were unsatisfied with their career or relationship tended to report more negative body thoughts than women who were content in those areas. What’s more, feeling uncomfortable emotions of any sort—stress, loneliness, even boredom—made many women start berating their looks.
What they concluded from this study is that how you are feeling about other aspects of your life - work, family, relationships, etc - has a direct impact on how you feel about your body, even when there is nothing wrong with it.

So, when you think your protruding gut rivals that of Santa Claus, take time to think about what is really bothering you.  Your bowl full of jelly probably isn't the problem.  Blame it on your boss, blame it on your boyfriend, blame it on your family, or .  Just leave your thighs out of it, because they never stood a chance.

♥ Lee
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