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Body Fortress Protein Powder

Posted Oct 18 2010 9:59am
Body Fortress Vanilla Protein Powder
For those who have read this blog for a while (or who see me on know that my primary brand of protein supplement is Body Fortress . I go through vanilla about 6 times as fast as I go through my chocolate. I also buy some strawberry, but rarely use it and one jar could last me six months or so. But yeah, I go through vanilla like crazy.

Normally I buy my Body Fortress at Walmart when I do my grocery shopping. But I noticed they raised their prices recently - at least they did at my store. It's now around $16 +tax. I've also checked Meijer and Target and see their prices are even higher than Walmart. So I went on a search to find a better price for my beloved protein powder.

Amazon to the rescue!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm an Amazon shopping addict. I know. But I just love 'em so much!  Seriously! Where else can you order dry roasted edamame alongside a GoWear Fit and pick up a new book while you're at it (next purchase will be Kiss the Girl as soon as I finish reading the first Alex Cross book on my Nook). See? Isn't Amazon fabulous?!

So anyway, back to protein...

I found a GREAT deal on Body Fortress and it's an even better deal if you sign up for auto-ship. So it's a two-pack of the normal 2lbs jar for only $29.98 (free shipping). Ok, so that comes out to $15 each, not that much better of a deal than Walmart, right? But the catch is that if you sign up for auto-ship, you automatically save 15% each time you order (and still get free shipping). A 2-pack ends up being $25.48. So only $12.75 each - much better deal! And I don't even have to think about picking it up at the store or running out, because with auto-ship, it'll arrive when I need it. I've set it up to ship every 2 months right now. I can adjust it if I find I need it sooner.

Hey, what can I say. I'm excited about protein!  Here's the link
Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla, 32 Ounces (Pack of 2)

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