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Body Fat %

Posted Feb 26 2010 8:58am

So.. I just joined this community and am looking over the "set a goal" feature.  I am BUGGED!!  Seriously.. there is no goal to decrease body fat percentage!  I get that many people are about losing weight... but... I would love to be hooked up with people who are also body fat percentage minded and not necessarily stressed about being a certain number on the scale.

Alas... this is not available to me so.  I'm going to post my body fat % goal here.

I want to be AT LEAST 18% body fat (I'm currently around 22%).  I will do this by.. busting my butt running and spinning (5-6 times a week) AND lifting weights AT LEAST 3 times a week.  I will also stick to a healthy "CLEAN" diet and stay away from sugar, processed carbs, and CRAP that isn't good for me. 

I'm gonna get there.. just not sure how quickly!~

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