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Body Confidence on Vacation

Posted Feb 26 2013 7:52am

David and I leave Friday for Tortola. We will spend a glorious week sailing around the British Virgin Islands.


I am ecstatic! I am also a little crazy this week getting things ready. I’m stocking up on food and Hailey supplies so the grandparents won’t need to shop for her while they are already doing us the huge favor of watching her. I’m cleaning the house so it’s nice for everyone’s stay. I’m getting laundry done, packing our bags and getting out things like sunscreen (!!!).

One thing I’m not doing?

Crash dieting.

You could always tell when spring break was coming in high school because suddenly every girl would be carrying around a Slim Fast. Sad, but true. Knowing that I’d be in a bathing suit around a billion other girls had me cutting calories, too.

Once on vacation, I’d also enlist all the tricks. Maybe you know what I mean… Crossing my legs so my thighs wouldn’t spread out while I sat, flexing my stomach muscles for pictures, sitting up super straight so my stomach wouldn’t fold over my bathing suit.

Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to look good or standing in a flattering pose, but to constantly be sucking in, flexing or turning down delicious food and drinks sucks the fun right out of vacation.

I’m sad I spent so many years worried about it.

This vacation I’m vowing not to waste an ounce of mental energy on such shallow, trivial, self-absorbed thoughts.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and just don’t care. Maybe it’s because I have a husband who thinks I’m smoking hot and somehow doesn’t notice my cellulite (God bless him).  Maybe it’s because becoming a mom shows me there are a lot more important things in life than how you look in a bikini. Mostly I think I’m just finally comfortable in my own skin.

My body isn’t perfect. I have scars, I have loose skin, I have a billion “freckles”, but I’m healthy and I take care of myself. I am able to go snorkeling, dive in the water, run down the beach, dance with my husband and go waterskiing. And those are the memories I want to make.

body confidence

So guess what I won’t have the this vacation? Six-pack abs. Guess what I will have? A big glass of wine and a damn good time.

Now back to packing…

Are you comfortable in a bathing suit?

Have you always been that way?

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