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BMO Marathon: Race Week Prep

Posted May 01 2013 5:35pm
Okay so here we are 4 days away from my second marathon, BMO Vancouver!  It's taper time and I am taking it very seriously this time around, especially that part about resting up for the big day.  My poor little calf had a rough go this round of training and I want to make sure I give her lots of peace and quiet before race day!

So aside from hydrating lots, eating well, sleeping good and resting often, I'm trying to make sure I'm all set and ready to go for Sunday.  None of that night-before-throw-it-all-together-what-am-I-going-to-wear stuff for this one!  No way.

Instead, here's what tasks are on my list for this week...
  • Update playlist.  Going to be out there for awhile so a few new kick butt tunes would be great.  
  • Unload and charge Garmin.  I don't want any of those "Lap Database Full" messages like I got at Disneyworld!
  • Pick up race package.  I'll probably do this on Saturday, can't wait to see the shirts!
  • Hit the expo.  BMO's not the biggest expo around but I always like to poke around and see who's there.
  • Plan race day transportation.  I'll probably park in Richmond and take the SkyTrain up to the start but I need to confirm train times etc.
  • Race outfit.  The fun part!  It's supposed to be awfully warm on Sunday so I think I know what I'll wear but I should nail it down in the next day or so.
  • Fashion show.  Yes, a fashion show.  Planning my outfit will undoubtedly include a fashion show like this one from last year's BMO half...
  • Pre-race laundry.  Guaranteed something I want to wear is at the bottom of my laundry basket...
  • Pack race bag.  I don't normally check a bag but I just might this time because who knows what kind of shape I'll be in afterwards.  I might need something outta my bag stat!
  • Sort out my water belt.  I need to switch over my extra pouch to my 4-bottle belt and make sure I have places for everything I plan to bring along with me on Sunday
  • Plan race day snacks and fuel.  Gotta make me up a big batch of homemade-orade !
  • Plan meetup.  A few of us Twitter/Blog friends are trying to meet up for lunch on Saturday but I gotta get the details sorted out.  If you're going to be in town and would like to join in, lemme know!
  • A last run or two.  Normally I run a few times in taper week but this time I'm opting to give my poor little calf a break and may or may not go out for a few more miles...
I think those are most of the big things.  I hope I'm not forgetting anything major!  I'm trying to just enjoy this week and enjoy the break from heavy training.  Despite my injury and playing catch-up in my distance building, April was still my highest mileage month yet!  I'm pleased with that and wanna keep that happy feeling going into Sunday's race.  I've done what I can and no amount of extra running this week will change how prepared I am (or am not!) therefore I may as well rest and relax and treat my legs kindly for a few days before I ask them to do this huge thing and run a marathon with me.

What do you like to do during taper week?  Do you get the crazies or are you too busy planning and preparing?  Any last minute suggestions for my playlist?
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