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BMI Calculator - A Very Valuable Tool

Posted Mar 23 2011 12:00am


BMI – Body Mass Index Calculator
Certainly we know that being overweight can pose a risk for a host of health problems; including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. 
Calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index) can be a useful tool in assessing your overall health.  Your ratio of body fat is a good reference to use for indicating your risk factors for obesity-related health concerns. 
In addition to the BMI Calculator – you may want to keep an eye on your waist circumference.  Research has proven that a waist circumference of 35 or greater (for women) and 40 or greater (for men) poses additional risks – like: heart disease and type 2 diabetes.   

A BMI of 30 or higher tends to raise a flag for impending health issues.  While a BMI of 27 – 30 is considered to be in the range of moderate risk.  Ideally, a BMI of 19 – 26 is considered to be a healthy guideline. 
There are several ways to calculate BMI. One such way is to use a BMI Calculator that takes into account the height to weight ratio.  If you feel that your BMI is of concern – it warrants a more in-depth discussion with your physician or other health care provider.   
With the plethora of information being provided by the government’s guidelines, research hospitals, and other health authorities around the world – we are living in a time that grants us the opportunity to take our health and well-being into our own hands and make intelligent dietary and life choices that research has proven to be of utmost importance. 
It appears more often that our daily food choices can not only impact our waistline – but our defenses against a host of acquired diseases.  By simply adding more fruits, vegetables, and other healthy choices like wild salmon – we can easily increase our odds at fighting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other age-related and obesity-related diseases. 
We have at our disposal the tools necessary to jointly work with our health care professionals in ensuring that our well-being, overall good health, and longevity are on course. The newest tool to use is a BMI Calculator
  So – eat those healthy fruits and vegetables and use the tools we have available to keep your health on track. 
Reader’s Digest provides a simple and easy to use BMI Calculator:  Click Here to Calculate your BMI
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