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Bluebird day

Posted Mar 10 2013 12:00am

Did daylight savings time sneak up on anyone else?  Normally I feel like I’m on top of these things and know when I’m going to lose an hour of sleep.  Not this time.  Blindsided.  And now it’s 9:30 and I am not at all tired. Pretty sure bedtime will be later than normal today…Could make for a rough morning.

And now onto what I really wanted to chat about.  Saturday.  The mountain.  My 1st time snowboarding in 2 or 3 seasons and my 3rd time on a board ever.  It was absolutely beautiful out!!  Clear, sunny skies and not an ounce of wind. Thank goodness because I’m still not sold on this sport.  I am not a thrill-seeker and I hate heights so you would think this would be an odd sport for me to take up and you’re correct.  If I was not married to my husband I would never be spending my days on the top of a mountain.  But he loves it so I continue to try it.  Especially because when we have kids I want them to grow up going to the mountain, something my family never did.  So their mom should probably know how to make her way down a mountain on a board.  And be good enough at it so I could do it and take pictures…I mean, can you imagine it?  Chris with a little kid on a tiny snowboard with me in front of them snapping photos?  So yeah, that’s why I continue to abuse my body up on the mountain.  For future family snow trips.





Luckily in all my many falls I never did anything to seriously injure myself…my shoulders, forearms and butt took the brunt of things and besides some soreness today I feel great.  In fact, I even signed us up for next weekend in Bend where we’ll head up to Mt. Bachelor with some friends.  Maybe I’ll even figure out how to get my toe edge.

After the mountain we decided to loop into Hood River for some pizza and beer at Double Mountain.  So good.  I love Hood River.  I would totally live there…if only there were jobs.  And the best part was the drive home.  It was so pretty – probably the most scenic drive in Oregon.  And at sunset.  Can’t be beat.


Today was full of errands but I still made sure to prep my lunches for the week  – same as last week.  Turkey burger sliders, sweet potato wedges and avocado.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?  Dinner was my all time fave – penne rosa pasta with shrimp. Dinners for the rest of the week look like this:

  • Monday: Blackberry chicken with sweet potato fries
  • Tuesday: Out to Thai Food
  • Wednesday: SW Chicken Salad
  • Thursday: Shrimp tacos
  • Friday: Bend!!  Hopefully 10 Barrel.

Ok and now I’m actually getting sleeping.  Time to get ready for bed.  Hope you all had great weekends.  Anyone else new to snowboarding?  How long before you felt like you “got” it?


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