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Blueberry Bliss

Posted Jul 26 2013 3:00am

I’m in a relationship with blueberries.  If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Up until four months ago, I never (like ever) ate blueberries.  Though always a berry fan, nothing about these little blue bits appealed to me.   Out of nowhere a change came over me… And. I. Cannot. Stop.

Lucky for me, I live in the glorious Pacific Northwest where I can buy a 1/2 flat of organic blueberries every week and eat to my hearts content. Double bonus – they contain a healthy dose of nutrients.  Can you say “total package”?

As most people well know, blueberries rock in the nutrition department.  Here are some highlights -

  • Full of fiber
  • Packed with vitamin C
  • Loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants (especially anthocyanins which give blueberries their rich color)
  • A great source of manganese (great for bone health and helping the body optimize certain chemical processes in the body)

Blueberry Bliss

In my efforts to add blueberries to any and all things… I’ve compiled a list of some favorites.


  • Blueberries + almonds = perfect snack (I’ve been carrying this in my purse everyday this week)
  • Add blueberry + lemon + mint (or sage) to water for a refreshing combination!  
I served this recently at an event for high school students and their families.  It received rave reviews.  Several families were shocked it was so delicious and said they’d start making what I like to call “spiked water” instead of drinking soda.  WINNING!

  • Frozen blueberries (think frozen grapes) are a cool treat
  • Blueberry ice pops


  • Blueberry Coconut Cobbler (recipe coming soon)
  • Whole-grain blueberry pancakes (duh!)
  • On top of ice cream (Mmmm… blueberries and coconut-milk ice cream)
  • Oats with chia seeds, nut butter and blueberries for breakfast
  • Homemade blueberry sorbet


  • Blueberry salsa -combine blueberries with cilantro, red pepper, jalapenos and enjoy for snacking or as an accompaniment with halibut or other fresh wild caught white fish
  • Goat cheese and blueberry bruschetta
  • Fresh field greens with blueberries, walnuts, and local Gorgonzola (if you like fun, and who doesn’t, spice up your walnuts with this recipe)


If your eyes jumped to this header, you’re officially my friend.  However, you will be disappointed.  I’m sorry.  After concluding that blueberries and booze always go together I decided a list was not necessary.

What are your favorite blueberry recipes?

I hope this post inspires you to visit your local farmer and go get yourself some blueberries (because I won’t be sharing).



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