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Blue Suede Shoes (not the good kind)

Posted Jun 15 2011 3:51pm

My favorite pair of shoes got ruined this weekend… thanks to my new, high waisted, wide leg trouser jeans .  


FAIL.  After tromping around Manhattan for a few hours I noticed that the ink from my new denim rubbed off onto my lovely DV by Dolce Vita suede espadrille sandals and dyed them blue! 

I considered them a total loss but pretended not to be upset about it because they gave me a massive blister and I couldn’t bear the thought of putting them on my feet again. 


I reluctantly packed them in my suitcase thinking I’d toss them in the trash when I got home but last night decided, while cleaning the rest of the house , that I would try to salvage them.  I googled “removing denim dye from suede” and came across a variety of home remedies. 

  1. Rub with a rubber eraser
  2. Scrub with vinegar
  3. Find a fancy cleaner that has the means to clean your item for you and expect to spend $40+
  4. Throw the item out
  • I tried #1 but stopped because the suede started getting even more discolored.
  • I had no vinegar so #2 was out.
  • I only paid $65 for these shoes and was not willing to spend $40+ to maybe have the stain removed
  • #4 was a last resort. 

With no vinegar in my cabinets though I decided to do the only thing that came to mind…

I pulled out my handy, cleaning toothbrush and using a little dish soap and water, started brushing.


After that, I used an old towel to really scrub the straps ince the soft bristles can only do so much. 

I rinsed, blotted and hoped for the best….


Ta-da!  My crazy soap and water method seems to have worked, for the most part, on my beloved red suede sandals.  Here’s a before and after.


I took a chance since I basically considered them a lost cause and am happy that I’ve revived them! 


Do you have any good fabric/stain cleaning tips? 

This evening I have nothing but a whole lot of relaxing on tap since I was up at 5:15 this morning for a run!  My relaxing may or may not involve baking a banana bread.  I love getting my workouts over with early in the day – it frees up the entire evening for fun activities!   

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