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Blue Cross Blue Shield Attacks Fat People

Posted Sep 27 2012 8:53pm

I recently came across two commercial’s that left me, lets just say, speechless.

Our nation has a problem with obesity. In NYC we have new rules outlawing large sodas, trans-fats, and soon anything like candy and chips in hospitals. Good move? My belief is no. If we are going to eradicate a problem it needs to be at the root. Taking away the pedals doesn’t do much to a weed, we need to kill the source. How do we accomplish this? Through educating our children and teaching them what it means to eat healthy. Children need to begin to understand what it is they are consuming and the effects it has on their bodies. I’m not saying that every child should strictly eat fruits and veggies… believe me I love ice cream and chocolate. But teaching children to read labels, understanding what a calorie is, the truth of carbs… that will make a difference.

So what does my rant have to do with these commercials? BCBS is trying to make a statement about children following in the footsteps of parents. In the end the commercial makes parents feel shame for living a certain way. This shaming tactic will only make the viewers feel more shame. I understand that the creators were trying to show an “a-ha” moment, but couldn’t that moment happen to some skinny people also? I know tons of skinny people who eat horribly and it transcends to their children as well.

I feel like the commercial took a jab at a problem by focusing on the insecurities of a population. A population who needs help. Let’s motivate people to want to change and live healthier lives. We can do that through education.

The day I changed my life around, wasn’t because of shame. It was because of those around me who inspired and motivated me to accomplish things I never thought possible. One of the people I look up to the most has influenced me purely through her actions.

Shaming tactics don’t work. Let’s stop. It’s pathetic and makes our society look like a bunch of middle school bullies. It’s time to inspire and motivate. Look at the commercial by Verizon located below the two BCBS commercials on the bottom of this post. Verizon got it right, inspiring message of a father who wanted to change his life for himself and his children.

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