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Blue Colored Plates to Reduce your Appetite?

Posted Oct 28 2011 7:43am
Can blue plates affect your appetite?
Blue sure is a color that calls to feelings like serenity and calmness. But when we come to think of factors that can affect our appetite, colors come last! However, our eating behaviors are affected by the environment surrounding us - especially those colors in our kitchen or dining area. Studies suggest that the color blue shows interesting promise to act on the brain as an appetite suppressant

But why? Other than its potential to stimulate calming waves in the brain, blue is rarely occurs naturally in food – aside from blueberries and some plums. Consequently, we don’t have an automatic appetite response to blue foods while we are more prone to consume yellow, red and orange colored foods – which could act as appetite stimulants. Moreover, we are more prone to avoid foods that are blue, purple or black because unconsciously, the colors could be signs of spoilage or poison.

Therefore serving your food on blue plates, having blue utensils or covering your table with a blue cloth may help in eating less or reduce your urge to eat more. We sure need further studies to establish a more solid relationship between the effect of the color blue and weight, but for the time being, I think I’ll be experimenting with some blue plates!
Blue plate photo
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