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Blood Sugar Levels and Diabetes

Posted Jul 06 2013 2:00am
The blood sugar levels of a fasting person vary between 60 and 100 mg-ms per cent. A person with develops characteristic complaints when the blood sugar levels fall below the normal ratio. Low blood sugar is termed as Hypoglycemia.

Weaknesses, hunger, a feeling of emptiness in stomach, an inability to concentrate are some of the symptoms of Hypoglycemia.

Insulin Control Diabetes Sugar LevelA prolonged and severe attack of this condition leads to irreversible brain damage; hence it is advisable to keep a check on the blood sugar levels.

A diabetic patient who is injecting himself or herself with insulin or taking any other oral drugs should have uniform and regular meals, and should not have long intervals between meals.

The insulin need of the body reduces when a diabetic loses weight and he may develop hypoglycemia if he continues to take same dose of insulin as before, even though he may have lost weight.

Alcohol can also trigger hypoglycemia by impairing the function of the liver to produce glucose.

Diabetes Sugar Level TestUrine and blood sugar tests must be done regularly and correct dosage of insulin or drugs should be taken.

The diabetic who takes insulin or consumes oral drugs should carry with him some glucose or sugar, and at the onset of hypoglycemia, drink two tea spoons of glucose or sugar dissolved in the water.

The quantity and timings of the meals, the dose of the insulin or drugs and daily exercises should be reviewed from time to time and a diabetic should carry on his person an identification card and this will be of great help in case he gets unconscious or gets attacks of hypoglycemia which are very inconvenient and embarrassing and can shake the confidence of a diabetic if it is not controlled.

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