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Blogger Meetup, Outlet Mall Shopping, Chocolate Coconut Princess Smoothie, Crowded Gyms & Time of Year, Kindness Given & Receive

Posted Jul 15 2010 12:49am
Hi Friends!  This week I've been liking my posting schedule of posting late at night (early in the morning for the east coast people) so I think I am going to stick with it for now.  Just sharing in case anyone likes to keep track of these details.  I like to know when certain bloggers publish their posts, generally speaking.  There are certain blogs I read in the morning and certain in the evening based on their posting schedule.  Then again, I have a child and a husband who travels for work so just about the time I think I've found My Groove, that darn thing call life happens and schedules go out the window.

Anyway today was a really fun day because I met Marla of Family Fresh Cooking !  Marla and I have been online and blog friends for almost a year now.  I "met" her right after I moved to Arizona.  Just like my friendship and meetup with Nicole .  All these Southern California ladies I realized I clicked with and "met" right after we moved to Arizona last fall.  Thank god that whole experience is behind us.  Hang in there with the heat, Madeline But now that I am back home in San Diego, it was time to finally meet Marla !

We're both moms, we both love working out and making healthy food choices for our families, and we both love shopping.  About halfway in between where Marla lives in the OC and where I live is the Carlsbad Outlets .   Perfect.
We met there and had a great time getting to know each other, browsing, trying to not spend a fortune, and it was a great afternoon! 

Here's a sampling of some of the stores:

Bebe, Juicy Couture, Lucky Jeans. 
I can tell you the Juicy store is not much of a "bargain".  Maybe about 30% off retail but still pretty pricey.

Banana Republic.  Went in there to see if I could find a replacement for my sweater that was stolen from my gym.  No luck though finding sweaters this time of year.

Crate & Barrel and Le Creueset
  I don't "need" anything for my kitchen but could "use" plenty.  So I didn't even go in!

Didn't go in to check and see if the chocolate was at outlet pricing, either!

Here's the Three Girls posing for a picture

Marla had her son she affectionately calls, Nugget, with her.  Her older daughter didn't make it today. Nugget will be 4 in December and Skylar will be 4 in February.   Skylar is a head taller.  I am 5'11" and Marla is 4'11" so to be expected.  I felt like a giant when I was standing and talking to Marla so we sat for our photo op.
 Skylar's posing and eating her apples and Nugget is wondering what she is doing.

 She found a stuffed animal to hug

Marla is a doll and she runs on coffee on all 8 cylinders, all the time.  Kinda like me.  She is energetic beyond belief, bubbly, driven, a multi-tasking queen (aren't all moms though!) a total sweetheart, and I can't wait to meetup with her again!
Wearing my $3 Thrift Store Tshirt Find from Last Week:  "Don't Look Back" it says

Marla also brought me two bags of clothes for Skylar that her daughter outgrew.  I was floored with the amazing array of clothes for Skylar I just inherited!

True Religion jeans in Toddler Size 4.  Wow.  Skylar now has nicer jeans than I do.  
Remember my Jeans Shopping Post from the other day?  I have jean envy of my 3 year old.

And cute shirts and hoodies galore!

Skylar's middle name is Lotus.  A Lotus Shirt.  And matching Hoodie.  Too cute!
Marla' s generosity has left me speechless.  Thank you, my friend!  Skylar is set for the fall.  Now if only my wardrobe could be has as nice as my 3 year olds!

The only thing I brought for Marla was a jar of mango juice-infused homemade kombucha .
I definitely got the better end of the stick at our meetup today!

From Yesterday...
Thanks for the nice words about my Vegan Banana Crepes and for telling me if you like crepes or not.  It seems many of you have had the pleasure of eating crepes in Europe and have lived to tell the amazing, foodgasmic tale.  I was in Bavaria the summer I was 14 and lived on Crepes and Nutella and apricots.  I still wish I was 14 and it was summer again!

And Crepes & Nut Butter Wraps
They make great snacksLike Fruit Roll Ups with an extra healthy & homemade twist

But if you're not a Crepes person and are more of a pancake person, try my Vegan GF Pancakes
Making pancakes without animal products OR gluten that are edible is a challenge.  The recipe was even published so I am happy about these!

And I asked you if food smells wafting into your house skeeve you?  Or if you walk past a restaurant or someone's house and can smell their food cooking, is it ok or kinda nasty to you?  Many of you said it grosses you out too.  Some of you have even moved out of apartment buildings that constantly wreaked of food smells but a few of you like smelling other people's food and it makes you hungry!   Not me.  In fact, the smell of greasy french fries wafting into my bedroom or garlic toast from a nearby restaurant coming into my kitchen makes me lose my appetite.  I'm with Lauren on that one.

And then I asked you about pageants and dance for kids because I think my little Posing Queen would love to get involved in dance classes and it was great to hear your thoughts on that, as well as your memories from childhood if you took dance classes or participated in sports or other organized activities. 

The majority of you said that Dance classes like ballet, tap, jazz are okay but that pageants can cross into dangerous territory.   I agree because although I have only seen the previews for the show and never watched it, Toddlers & Tiaras comes to mind.   As many of you said spray tans, false eyelashes, and as Kenzie said, getting dressed up like drag queens for 4 year olds is not cool.  

Not to mention, it puts such a dangerous set of expectations on a child if they don't win.  What does that say?  You're not pretty enough, good enough, or deserving enough to win?

And it furthermore mistakenly reinforces that women are to be judged on our beauty alone.  Which sadly, we don't need pageants for that.  Like it or not, in our patriarchal society, this attitude is already rampant; no need to reinforce it.  Ahh, perhaps I should step off my feminist box now. 

However, I will play devil's advocate and say that if a child is older and expresses extreme desire and chooses to be involved in pageants, would I be denying her an opportunity that she wanted if I forbit her to participate?  A bit of a rhetorical question that I won't have to answer for years, or possibly ever.

For now, I may look into some Dance classes that are all about Fun!  The minute it borders on anything other than complete fun and good times, we're outta there.  And I don't even know if I will start her in them yet, we shall see. 

While I was unpacking all my wonderful loot from Marla, I decided to put two of these very ripe bananas to good use

Excuse the title but you'll see why...
Chocolate Coconut Princess Smoothie
2 Ripe Bananas
1/4 C Cocoa Powder
1/4 C Sugar (omit or use another sweetener if you prefer)
1/3 C Water
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
2 C Ice Cubes (about 10)
Optional: 1-2 Scoops Protein Powder, Cinnamon, Stevia, Agave, Dates, Maca, etc.
Yields: Enough for 2 Thirsty Princesses, about 10 to 12 oz.


And Serve it Up, Princess Style
Everything tastes better in a Princess Cup

Remember all those Sale Bananas I found?

I put them to good use with Dessert: Vegan GF Peanut Butter Banana Bread
Hate the word moist, but let's say that this banana bread with the PB in it is the opposite of dry!

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab : Upper Body Workout

It's Gay Pride Week here in San Diego and the Pride Parade is Saturday!  For the past couple weeks, my gym has been pretty crowded with everyone trying to get buff for Pride.  But this week, it's hit a fever pitch.  It's packedLots of lifting in tiny shorts going on, lots of shaved chests, lots of banter about who's wearing what to which party, and I've been loving every eavesdropping, eye-candy second.

If you missed my recent post about Gay Pride Parade and Gay Rights , my family photos from Pride Parade last year, and my thoughts about it all, Click Here

And here was another recent post about Public Displays of Affection Post sparked by a passionate kiss between two guys at my gym.

Everyone in my neighborhood is excited about Pride and they're all flying the Rainbow Flags.  I can't wait for the Parade!  Our house is 1 block off the Parade route.  No parking hassles, no problems, just bring on the false eyelashes and good times!

1. Do you like Outlet Mall Shopping?  Do you feel like you fall into the trap of wanting to buy more than you would at regular stores simply because at the outlets you feel like it's a "good deal" and end up spending more on all kinds of random purchases compared to if you just paid full price at a regular store for one or two things you may use more?

I used to get sucked into that trap, i.e. 2 shirts I didn't need but they were cute and a pretty good deal, a bottle of perfume, a half dozen pairs of socks, a spatula, 2 pairs of kid's shoes, etc. but now I know I live nearby two separate and really nice outlet malls, and they will always be there, so I don't have to go crazy on any given day.  I bought absolutely nothing for myself today and am happy I Just Said No to it all.  I liken it to people grocery shopping throwing everything into their carts like they will never see or have access to food again a few days before a holiday.  Hoard much?

2. Do you notice an increase in traffic in your gym, yoga studio, fitness classes, or even more people out running, walking or biking certain times of year?
Those New Year's Resolutions usually are a distant memory by February 1st in most gyms so that's nice for crowd control.  I hadn't planned on it being packed in July because of Pride week here.  And of course, biking and running paths are always packed on summer weekend days.  I love a cold January day for that reason = no one else outdoors!

3. Do you like it when blogger's have a schedule or do you just know they post daily and that a fresh post will be up soon enough.   And if they're not a daily poster you wait for them to update in your reader or you don't care and don't keep track?

4. Have you been the Recipient or the Giver of any Nice Gestures or Kind Things lately?

3 Things I've Received =  
Marla's amazing stash of clothes for Skylar

A Scoby Mother Mushroom and have not produced hundreds of ounces of kombucha and grown baby scoby's with it that keep proliferating

My Husband's hard work that blesses me and affords me the ability to stay home and raise our child with our values and in the way in which we both feel good.  And Skylar gets to stay home with me and we do fun things together. 

3 Things I've Given =
A constant supply of email advice, "therapy", information, feedback, recipes, tips, and help to my readers and friends either on my blog, on the phone, or in email.  I give whole-heartedly of my knowledge and try my hardest to always help others. 

I gave away our 60 Inch Widescreen TV to our moving crew in Phoenix.  I didn't really want it, and they did.  It was theirs, free of charge, hope they are enjoying it.

I gave up my former life as I knew it to be Skylar's mom.   Nothing else that I could be doing is more important than being her MotherEasy? Not Always.  Worth it? Absolutely.

What Kindness have you Received and What have you Given lately?

Stay Tuned For Whatever I can Find the Time to Post about given life's craziness...
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