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Blog Review: MizFit

Posted Sep 14 2008 1:28pm


Since fitness blogger MizFit has been stopping by to say hello here at WELLalarm I thought I'd check out her blog, MizFit Onilne. What a treat! MizFit Online is almost like having your own personal trainer, giving you tips and encouraging you to keep going.

MizFit actually is a personal trainer offline with her own boutique studio and she shares her experience with the world at large through her blog. Her philosophy is that "the key to lifelong fitness success is a healthy helping of education, motivation and HUMOR." All three definitely come through on the blog.

One of the best things about MizFit Online are the videos. Every week MizFit does Monday Face Time, in which she talks directly to us with her musings or suggestions. In other videos she demonstrates the most effective way to do certain exercises, which I find especially helpful. She recently compiled several of these demonstration videos in this post.

Tuesday is Tips/Trends day. On Tuesdays MizFit may give you a tip, like stocking your car with healthy, non-perishable snacks so when you're too busy to eat properly you won't be tempted to nosh on junk food. Or she may discuss a trend, like this hilarious rant about celebrities who make much ado about eating before their magazine cover shoot.

MizFit also loves food. She often uses the phrase "clean eating," which means consuming "High quality foods which are as free as you can get them of not-found-in-nature additives." Her philosophy is that clean eating is more satisfying -- MizFit does not believe in going hungry! She sometimes hosts guest chefs who share their favorite healthy recipes.

Regardless of the subject, MizFit keeps the tone fun and light. When I saw the post title "Don't Lie" I thought it would be about being honest with yourself about your health goals, etc. Nope. It's about Valerie Bertinelli's appearance on an episode of Oprah and the silly fitness vest she introduced. I love those kinds of surprises -- and I love that MizFit 1) admits to occasionally watching Oprah and 2) doesn't think you need the vest. Some of her readers did think the vest is a good idea, and that's all right with MizFit, too. She's here to support you in your quest to find the right kind of fitness for you.

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