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Blog Exchange: Tam’s Top Ten!!!

Posted Mar 20 2011 12:08pm
Here it is - the moment you have all been waiting for – Sunday’s surprise : ) So excited!!! Enjoy! x


Hello Fondant Fitness Fancies readers how are you today? My name is Tamzin and I am the writer of the blog Salad and Sequins . My blog is pretty much an on line diary of what I get up to with work and exercise and lots about what I eat! I have recently turned veggie, finding that eating this way really suits me and my weird tummy! I am also obsessed with green monsters oh and chocolate with beetroot so come say hello if you have time : )

I am very happy to be over here today doing this blog exchange with the lovely SJ. I have been following this ladies blogs/tweets for a while now and love the topics that get discussed over here. We have lots in common too, one big thing is we did the same personal training course. 6 weeks of intense health and fitness insanity we both survived to tell the tale and thank god we did, I don’t know about SJ but for me the course was the best thing I’ve ever done. It has changed my life and I am on the road to making my dreams come true!

Right, I have been given some fun questions to answer by SJ so without further a do, here goes:


1. At what age did you first become interested in health and fitness?

That would be the age of 20. Before that I never really thought about health and fitness, it was all work and way too much play, eating rubbish and drinking a lot! Then at 20yrs I was planning my joint 21st birthday party with a friend, we decided to hire a club and have a ball and have 50′s style dresses made which meant shaping up a little. I joined a gym and started eating better and this is when my fitness love affair began. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that my passion for food and nutrition started, I became really sick, had lots of trouble with food and found I have a mild lactose intolerance, a problem with processed sugar and also a big problem with yeast. This made me more aware of the food we eat and thus my obsession with nutrition began.


2. How has your life changed since then?

Wow there have been lots of changes but the biggest have been in the last couple of years. I did a home study course to become a Nutritionist, I started my blog in November 2009, I did my Personal Training course in 2010 and became a Reps Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, I moved from my home town to Brighton and got into my dream gym working as a PT and have now got a good client base with all of them getting fantastic results! Jeez did all this happen in just over a year?! I still pinch myself sometimes wondering if its all true : )


 3. What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

My love of exercise and the way it makes me feel inspired me. People can be so down on themselves but when you start exercising and seeing results the feeling it gives you not to mention the health benefits are amazing and I wanted to share this.
I know what its like to put on loads of weight and feel like crap and I also know how it feels to lose the weight and get into the dress I’ve been dreaming about. I wanted to help people to become fit and healthy but have fun doing it.


4. What advice would you give someone struggling to motivate themselves to exercise?

You have to find some sort of exercise you enjoy because if you don’t you will never be able to stick with it. There are so many ways to get fit; dancing, swimming, gym, exercise classes, walking, climbing I could go on forever! Basically find something that you enjoy and makes you sweat. One of the best exercise sessions I’ve had was when me and a friend decided to go to a water aerobics class, I’ve never laughed so much exercising in my life, plus the hour went really quickly.


5. What key pieces of fitness equipment would you suggest everybody has at home?

I would say the best equipment would be a set of dumb bells ranging from 1.5kg to 6kg and a stability ball. You can do so much with just these few things. I do a lot of body weight work, in some sessions with my clients we don’t use any equipment at all its literally all body weight work which I’m finding gets the best results. Plus working with your own body weight there is no fear of bulking up, it just gives you an all over fantastic tone.


6. What is in your gym kit?

Ipod Shuffle
Sweat Band (I have a fringe!)


7. What are your favourite tunes to work out to?

Orbital – Satan
Kiss – I was made for loving you
Mike Posner – Cooler than me
Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta get through this
Dizzee Rascal – Holiday
Journey – Don’t stop believing

To name a few! I have a very broad range of music taste!


8. What parts of your body do you like the best and the least?

Oh really do I have to answer this one?! This is gonna be short and sweet

Best: Feet – they are quite small and have pretty tattoos; Least: Chest – I would like this to be smaller enough said!


9. Who would be your ideal celebrity client?

Hmmmmmm I think Fearne Cotton she’s funny and seems like a lovely girl and if it was a guy I would say Matt Lucas laugh a minute!


10. What is your ultimate fitness goal?

That’s tough I have so many! I would love to own my own house with a home gym where I could train clients, oh and to run the London marathon.

 Well dear readers I hope you have enjoyed reading my questions and answers as well as getting to know me a little more, I would love for you to come visit me over at Salad and Sequins if you have the time I love getting to know new bloggers and seeing their yummy eats, I’m a little food obsessed ha ha : ) 

Ok that’s me done thanks for reading and hope to see ya soon


Do you have a food obsession you would like to share?

Mine is green monsters oh and nut butters any which way they’re just too good!

Favorite exercise to get you sweaty?

I have 2 at the top of my list Bikram yoga and Spinning

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