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Posted Feb 07 2010 6:54pm

I can’t believe it is already Sunday night… That means I have class tomorrow :(

Today has just sort of been kind of “blah”. I didn’t sleep well last nightmy run wasn’t that great todayand I just feel like I didn’t do much. Nothing bad happenedbut nothing good really happened either. Today just felt like a bust. The Super Bowl is on right now and I am not even watching it… It is on in the backgroundbut I haven’t glanced at in since the halftime show. I should be doing some homeworkbut I am taking a break to write this blog post and play Farmville ;)

I guess I was tell you about my very uninteresting run…

Time: 1:31:05

Distance: 11.2 miles

Average Pace: 8:08 per mile

For some reason I slept TERRIBLE last night. I can never get a goods nights sleep after a long run for some reasonand that is when my body needs it the most. I think I am just really tense and my system is out of whack for running that long. It took me a good hour or so to finally fall asleep. Once I fell asleepI only woke up a few timesbut I didn’t really get into a deep sleep. I am really hoping for a good nights sleep tonight! I plan on getting to bed a few minutes early and relaxing with some TV.

I woke up feeling tired and very un rested. I put off my run until later in the morning to try and get some energybut it never really came. I was dragging all morning and it was really hard to motivate myself to get out the door. Once it was almost lunch timeI finally set out because I knew that if I put off my run until after lunchit wouldn’t get done.

My legs were full of junk and the first twenty minutes or so were pretty slow and pretty rough. I trudged on and eventually things started to shape up. I had 8 miles plannedso I decided to stop at the rec center after 4 mileslift weightsand then run the 4 miles back because I really wanted some Smoothie King (we have one inside). Wellit turns out Smoothie King is closed on Sundays :( I was pretty pissedso I ran to the Smoothie King that is near my apartment to get a smoothie instead. I really really wanted one. It was hard to run back with itbut it is only about a mile or so. I had my heart set on Smoothie Kingso Smoothie King I shall receive. I ended up with a nice 11 miles instead of 8. More mileage + a smoothie is actually a pretty good deal.

Believe it or notI actually felt really good when I was finished. I think I just needed a little adrenaline to get me through my run and through the rest of the day. It must have been that “vitamin supplement” I got in my smoothie. They let me pick a free ad in so I went with that one. I didn’t eat very many fruit and vegetables this weekendso hopefully that will make up for it ;)

I should probably go do some homework now so I can go to sleep early. I get the wake up at 5 AM tomorrowso it will be an early night. Lucky me right?

Back to the weekly grind…

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