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Blackberry Winter and Book Recommendations

Posted Mar 05 2013 8:30am

My goal this year was to read 6 books. (I can hear you laughing, but I needed a reasonable goal after last year’s book reading fail). I wanted to read 2 for pleasure, 2 health related and 2 for personal growth. To get things rolling, I decided to start off with the fun ones. I read Gone Girl and though I sped through it, I was disappointed in the ending. The next book I chose was Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio .

I picked it after many of you recommended it and after I saw it was Julie’s book club pick.

So what did I think? Don’t worry- no spoilers!

First of all, it’s an easy read. I flew through it in a week, reading just during naps or while biking at the gym. I liked the way it was tied into the past and that the narrator switches from past to present every other chapter.

I was a little hesitant about the story at first because it centers around the disappearance of a young child, a topic that scares the heck out of me, but luckily I didn’t find it to be too melancholy. There are certainly a few heart-wrenching moments, but also parts that you made me smile.

The story is very entertaining. Though I wouldn’t call it predictable, there weren’t any twists that caught me off guard. I felt more like ‘ok, I get it,’ how did it happen? The ending left me satisfied, which I appreciate.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, easy read. I think after The Fountainhead (seriously, my favorite book ever), a lot of books seem too light. I think it is good because it’s gotten me back into a reading habit, but I’m ready for something with a little more depth.

I fear this makes me sound like a book snob (I assure you that I’m not- I couldn’t even read 10 books in a year), but I sometimes I prefer a book that makes me think, too.

Now that I’m back in the reading habit, do you have any suggestions of books that will make me think, teach me something about health or encourage introspection or personal growth?

Please list all your favorites! Smile

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