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Birthday/Super Bowl Weekend

Posted Feb 05 2013 7:49am

Well, my birthday and superbowl weekend was marvelous. (Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week!)

Like I said , I put my birthday dinner off until Saturday night so that I could go get in a good workout Friday night – which did not disappoint. The workout was extra hard – I guess he was testing my old age.

Oh, and I can’t go without mentioning the awesome Chocolate & Wine gift basket thatTorrance’s step mom sent me!

Photo 1

Seriously, those chocolate covered pretzels are the best I’ve ever had. EV-ER.

After my workout we watched movies and downloaded a ton of new music. It was time to update our library. And on that note, it reminds me – a song that I am super-loving right now is:

Macklemore Thrift Shop

Yeah, I love this song for some reason (Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis). I was going to post the video… but it is just too ridiculous.

Sorry, side-tracked – back to the weekend stuff…. Saturday I actually went and did a little shopping. I have been on a mission to find some flat tan boots. All of my boots have heels but I have been wanting something casual, and finding comfy boots is always a project for me because I have giant calves.

It was a success, though they weren’t the exact color I was wanting, I couldn’t be too choosy.

IMG 1315

Plain, "casual" Tees were also on my agenda, which I feel that American Eagle alway has the comfiest Tees.

After about an hour at the mall I was burnt out on all that business and headed home to get ready for dinner.

If you are wondering, I ate a delicious steak and it was everything I hoped and dreamed for.


Speaking of shoving my face, Superbowl Sunday was actually pretty mellow on the food front for me this year. Usually we have a feast, or go somewhere where there is a feast. But I kept things pretty under control this year.


Homemade guacamole, and black bean and chicken nachos! I also snacked on some cantaloupe (random?) and drank some beers.

I also have a secret, I think I am the only person who doesn’t looooove Beyonce. Honestly, I really am not a huge fan of hers, like I could take her or leave her.

And as far as commercials this year, obviously the Budweiser Clydesdale is a classic (the animal ones get me every time) but I loved the Doritos goat commercial. Simply because I have a soft spot for goats and a goat screaming is just hilarious.


  • Best thing you ate this weekend?
  • Do you ever drink beer?

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