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Birthday BB & Barre 3

Posted Jun 14 2011 8:45pm

Today is a special day.

The Bodybuilder turns the big 2-7!!!

Mini BB!

I snuck around on my lunch break to pick up his “birthday cake” aka Mexican food.  The boy could eat Mexican food all day, every day, so I knew it would be even better than cake.  That will come this weekend!

We had the birthday feast when I got home…

The birthday boy, his fajitas, and a lamb.

Happy, happy birthday, BB! I love you! :)


Starring: Sadie Lincoln (creator of Barre3)

Synopsis: Barre3 is a comprehensive barre workout that combines ballet moves, pilates, and yoga to build strength.  There are live classes as well as this DVD program.

Length of Video: 40 minutes

Level of Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate. The moves are really simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I’ve done more difficult barre videos, but this is still no joke.  You’ll be burning in places you didn’t know existed!

Yoga Vibe: Laid back!  Sadie is a really good instructor – energetic, but not overly peppy, obviously knowledgeable, and good at all of the moves.  It’s not super intense, and feels very approachable.

What I Liked:

  • 40 minutes – not too long, not too short.  It’s the perfect amount of time, in my opinion!  It really goes by so quickly.
  • Sections – the video is divided by section (although not through a menu) by warm-up, leg work, arm work, ab work, and cool down.
  • Props – you use a chair as your barre, as well as a little ball that comes with the DVD (used for some leg work on the mat and abs).

  • Weights – they are light (I use 2.5 lbs, but you could probably use anything from 2-5 lbs.)  It sounds really wimpy, but in this case, you do a fair amount of repetition, so you don’t need really heavy weights.  I promise, I’ve seen and felt definition in my arms just from using the small weights.

I use the little weights (seen here being held by the model – they’re silver) that go into The BB’s PowerBlocks.  They’re the perfect amount, and he never even misses them. :)

  • Grace – Sadie says during one of the moves that this class “is not only building strength, but building grace.”  I really liked this!  I’ve been more into the graceful/strength training workouts lately, and this makes me feel very poised while giving me great posture.
  • The flow – She doesn’t like to waste time, and every moment is filled with a challenging exercise.
  • Cool Down – it’s a nice cool down, and I feel like I just did a good yoga class once it’s all over; it’s a similar feeling.  You feel very refreshed, poised, and ready to take on the day.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • I wish there were more workouts on the DVD.
  • The leg section could be a little bit longer (even though my legs are screaming by the end!)
  • Same goes for the arm section – it’s challenging, but just goes by too quickly.

Who Would Enjoy It:

  • Probably any level of exerciser – it’s unique, and not something people are probably used to.  I love that it combines many exercise elements, so it doesn’t get boring.  Beginners could learn the moves quickly, intermediates could build on those moves and work deeper, and advanced students could also move more into the poses – a lot like yoga.

Recommended? Yes.  I have really been enjoying Barre3, and really look forward to the days that I decide to do this workout!


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