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Bikram Hot Yoga Challenge - Fat Loss, Feel Great!

Posted Jan 29 2010 5:51am

Day 24 and right now I am debating with myself whether to take a day off from my (almost) daily Bikram practice.   So far, I have only missed one day, due to extreme soreness from a weight training session.


I think if I had stuck to Bikram yoga as my sole type of exercise, I would have been okay.   However, I am trying to build more lean muscle tissue and save my bones, so I am trying to incorporate some brief sessions (2-3 times a week for ½ hour) of weight training as well.   I did another weight training session yesterday and feel pretty sore and tired today.  


It is going to be extremely frigid today and the idea of staying in, cozy and bundled up, rather than braving those extreme temperatures is quite appealing.   I think I will see how I feel later on – I can always choose to take it easy in the class but still participate, right?


What benefits have I gained from my three weeks + of hot yoga?  


The first benefit I noticed while driving home from my very first class at 8 am is how fantastic I felt – totally mellow but energetic at the same time.   I sleep better and awaken early with no problems dragging myself out of bed.


My frozen shoulder has started to thaw.   I now have only a slight bend in my elbow when doing the standing side bend – when I started it was more like a 90 degree angle!   Every class I push myself a little more and it is slowly opening up.   Patience is required.


Also, my new shorts are fitting better – I look a little less “skinny fat”, with a teeny amount of muscle definition starting to show above my knees and the side bulge at the top of my thighs disappearing.   My waist has slimmed a little too with more definition in my abs.


My skin is clear and glowing.   All that sweating really cleans out the pores!


Best of all, my mood and disposition has become calmer and more relaxed.   I feel better equipped to cope with the stress in my life.

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