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Biggest Loser Trainers Fear Contestant May Die

Posted Jan 16 2010 2:17pm
The female trainers on the US and Australian versions of The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels and Michelle Bridges, have spoken out about their concerns for the welfare of the show's contestants saying bigger sized contestants, drastic diets and extreme workouts are a deathly combination.  Jillian claims "she has no control over their demanding workouts and is scared the unfit competitors could keel over" and Michelle has admitted to having "many sleepless nights concerned about their welfare, concerned about their health and concerned about their headspace."

Who would ever have known that these women would have shared my own concerns about the show which I went into detail in this post entitled 'Biggest Loser Busted.'  I still shudder at the thought that contestants on the show sign a waiver that states that any medical treatment they may receive will not necessarily be administered by a qualified medical practitioner.  That one fact alone, apart from all the other apalling practices, should surely prompt some smart television executive to ponder about the liability they are creating.  Alas, however, the show goes on.

The real test to come with these comments by Jillian and Michelle to my mind, will be whether they try to do something about their concerns or just let things slide.  If they are truly genuine, being such an integral part of the ratings success of their shows, surely they must be able to exercise some influence in making some positive changes.  A good place to start would surely be a much greater emphasis on the psychological wellbeing of contestants that can be seen by the viewing public and the cessation of extreme workouts that clearly push contestants so hard that now even their trainers have concerns for their wellbeing. 

Image: Daily Telegraph
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