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Biggest Loser Steamer Review and Salads Galore!

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:19pm
Check out my new toy!

I got an iPod touch finally! I bought one from eBay a few weeks ago but it was a scam. After I put in a dispute to PayPal and got my money back, I was thinking about getting the nano instead. I heard that Verizon was coming out with an iPhone so I thought maybe there was no point in spending the money for the touch. After thinking about it, I decided I like having a simple phone without touch screen so I probably would not want an iPhone anyway! I had a Blackberry for a few weeks and hated it too! I won a new touch on eBay a few days ago and love it!

I spent an hour last night browsing through the applications. So far I downloaded the Price is Right Game (best show ever!), Twitter,Facebook, and iFitness. I haven't used iFitness yet but you can track your workouts and can choose a body part you would like to target. It then shows you tons of different exercises to do! It will definitely be helpful if I want to use my weights at home or learn some new ab moves. Any other great apps I should know about?

Back to Monday's eats...

Breakfast was a lovely bowl of banana-cinnamon oats!

My oatmeal likes to explode in the microwave. My coworkers probably hate me.

During lunch, I went to Associated to buy some cookie sheets for my gluten-free goodies. I walked by the salad bar and it looked pretty good and cheap so I went for it!

I added all kinds of toppings:

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Artichokes
  • Kidney/Garbanzo Beans
  • Red Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Bean Salad
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapples
  • 1 little chunk of crab meat

All of that for $5.50. Not bad. Of course I prefer my Whole Foods salads 100 times more!

After work I went to the gym and took a spin class. It was another substitute but she was really good. I came home with quite the appetite!

While my cookies were baking, I decided to try out my Biggest Loser Steamer that I received a few weeks ago! I bought fresh broccoli for the first time! I've been making the frozen kind for years now!

I washed and chopped the broccoli and put them on the bottom layer of the steamer.

I filled the bottom with water until it reached the maximum level. The steamer came with a little booklet that tells you how long to steam every kind of food. I believe the broccoli was around 20 minutes.

The buzzer went off after 20 minutes and....... wah lah!

Freshly steamed broccoli!! Yes, I get pretty excited when things are successful in the kitchen. I am used to taking the easy way out of cooking!

The broccoli came out soft and delicious. I plan to experiment much more with my steamer. It says you can make hard boiled and poached eggs so that is next! I also want to try steaming fish, sweet potatoes, kale, shrimp, everything! Fun!

I added the broccoli to my salad of the week! Once I open up one of those LightLife packages, it is pretty much a given that I will be eating the same meal 3 nights in a row!

I had LightLife "Steak Strips" with salad, hummus, carrots, grilled mushrooms, and wonderful steam broccoli. Yum!

And of course a million cookies for dessert which you probably don't need to see 2 days in a row!


I started off the morning with a green monster.

I used a banana, almond milk, milled flax, and Pomegranate Mango Amazing Meal.


I decided to try something new for breakfast at work instead of the usual oats.

I microwaved the egg beaters in the microwave for a minute and a half and melted the Laughing Cow on top.

They came out great! It was a very nice change from oatmeal!

The only problem was that the smoothie and eggs only held me over for about 2 hours. I snacked on some pistachios around 11:00.

I dug into lunch an hour early too. I will probably have to bring 2 of those little eggbeater cups next time.

I had no bread at home for lunch so I made turkey, cheese and ham roll-ups!

I actually only needed 1 roll up to fill me up. I think I stuffed them with extra meat since I was scared they would not fill me up without bread. I saved the rest for today :)

I also had tortilla chips and carrots on the side.

I also caved and bought a Synergy!

I've been trying to save money and not buy them but I was realllly craving it yesterday. I could not resist when I walked buy the health food store!

I snacked on a gluten-free cookie and some fruit later in the afternoon. Someone got one of those Edible Arrangements and let everyone have some fruit! Those things are the best!

After work I went to Total Body Conditioning class at the gym. It was the regular teacher so it was a great workout.

I went home and made my 3rd repeat salad except I added salsa today to give it some more flavor.

Delicious again! I will change dinner up tonight!!

Dessert was gluten-free cookies and cherries!

I had double that but the cookies were too good to stop and take a picture! They are still soo soft that they melt in your mouth! Enter to win somehere!

Also be sure to enter Kelly Turner'sKidGlue Giveaway!

Lunchy time! Have a good day!

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