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Big Night In

Posted Nov 24 2012 9:34pm
Saturday was one of those glorious days where you go nowhere and it's amazing.  My couch and I are such good friends now.  Strangely, I still clocked 10,000 steps on my FitBit.  I'll take it.
Kyle was off to kill some holiday calories at Evolution Fitness this morning.  I woke around 830, repeated my breakfast from yesterday , and got some work done on the computer.  I also packed up some " I Love Being in Shape " tanks to mail to our wonderful readers...only to remember that our local mail store was closed.  Slightly ironic for Small Business Saturday.  Regardless, I'll be mailing shirts Monday and there are still 3 smalls available.  ( see this post to buy ).

Kyle came home around noon and I snuck out for an easy two mile jog.  I wanted to move and it was such a gorgeous day out.  I also needed to survey the surrounding neighborhods for Christmas lights.  We put ours up on Friday night and we were the only house shining on our street.  I needed to make sure I didn't miss the "it's too early to put up your lights memo".
Is this normal?
The inside of our house is nearly all decked out too.  I LOVE IT.  Ask anyone close to me and they can attest to my MASSIVE love of Christmas.  If there was a TV trivia show on Christmas pop culture then I would be a top contender.  Remember last year's Christmas trivia ?
Saturday night was spent watching football.  The Noles lost and I DO NOT want to talk about it. Meah~  If you're a new reader I recommend our " football loyalties " post.  It will explain a lot.

We had originally planned on going out for sushi, but when Kyle & I were both hungry at 430pm we decided to make an executive pizza ordering decision.  We ordered a veggie pizza and Greek salad with chicken.
The pizza was well below our expectations.  It's such a bummer when you treat yourself with a food and it's not good, right?  At least my dishes were festive.

Later in the evening Kyle and I took at walk and settled back in for more football.  Yes, we are those people who can watch 12+ hours of football and be totally okay with it.  Is that normal?

Sunday's agenda is far more adventurous.  We have a big Sunday strength training session coming and we are going to Epcot for the Candlelight Processional.  If you've never been it's a great way to get you into the holiday spirit.  I'll have a full recap Monday.  We're also eating at the Coral Reef restaurant inside Epcot. Yum!

What did you do this weekend to get you in the holiday spirit?

Love and pigskin,
Carissa & Kyle

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