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Big News and Big Falls!

Posted Jun 24 2010 11:14am

First up let me tell you all about the big news I received last night! I have officially been invited to join the Foodbuzz  feature publishers program!!!! Now, if you don’t know what this means, my blog is now going to be sponsored and I will able to reach a much bigger audience with the advertising they do. This is really exciting for me because my dream is for my blog to reach as many people as possible. I can’t wait to increase my readership. I love talking to all of you and receiving comments, so with more of you out there it will mean double the fun. Yes!

I also recently applied to become a seller with The Open Sky Project . This is a program in which I can create an online store featuring all my favorite, products, foods, and gadgets, all in one place providing for easy access for all of you. If chosen, you guys will have all my favorite products you have seen on the blog all in one place for easy purchase. I think it will be really beneficial to you all, especially for those of you that can’t find certain products in your area.


So last night I mentioned that I was going to Shakespeare in the Park for a picnic and to watch one of their fabulous plays. Well do to weather, that plan was a complete wash (literally). But instead, my dad and I witnessed something truly HILARIOUS. Just watch:

What you just saw was the annual .5 K Stiletto Run  that is held as a fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Society of WNY. Women and men come out in their highest heels, pointiest stilettos, strapiest sandals to race down Elmwood Avenue in an all out grudge match. You can bet there is pushing, screaming, and above all lots o’ falling! Just check out this guy:

poor close!

His story is so funny. He and another  man (yes, the men take this very seriously) took the lead about 100 feet from the finish line. The man above was coming in strong and everyone had pegged him as the winner, when about two feet from the finish his strap on his SIX inch heels snapped sending him toppling to the ground in an epic defeat. He was fine, only his ego was a little bruised. Thankfully the race was all in good, because this moment was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

More pics:

My dad and I had prime viewing of the finish line and we saw many notable racers come through. Men and their wives, both adorning heels. People in dresses, skirts, Halloween costumes, carrying wine, beer, you name it they were there!!! We had so much fun watching that my dad even suggested we take part as a family next year. Hey, I ‘m game! Can’t wait!

Well enough of this silly stuff, I am off to grab a little lunchy. But before I go, with all this excitement I have decided to hold a little contest. Heres how to enter:

~First, tell as many people as you can about the blog.

~Second, have the people you told leave a comment on the blog stating who refered them (i.e. YOU!)

Who ever has the most people comment with a reference from them will win two batches of my homemade granola and some other surprise goodies! Good luck!

I will announce the winner Sunday night! So get out there and spread the word. Lets show everyone what a great community we have created here. :)


PS> to subscribe to the blog enter your email in the subscription tab on the right hand side of the blog!


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