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Bi-Polar Runner

Posted Feb 06 2013 9:00am
If it was super simple to change the name of my blog, I would. Almost Healthy Life is a beautiful representation of who I am, however, Bi-Polar Runner feels like I just won the jackpot in Vegas on the penny slots in six-inch heels on my birthday
Stay classy, Vegas.
I genuinely like running. It's not as hard as it once was... I mean, it's hard, don't get me wrong. But, I like it so it makes it less daunting. So, why do I NOT run when my motto is STOP NOT RUNNING?

Because I'm a Bi-Polar Runner. Sometimes I'm obsessed with running and other times I'm obsessed with not running and my dog, and pinterest, and etsy (ooooooooh, etsy)

Today, I choose to run. Not because I have to, because I get to. AHL helps me stay on track... I know this. And that's why I've been absent. Because if I only tell myself I'm going to run I don't listen. But if I tell my blog I'm going to run, I listen 60% of the time. Much better odds. What I'm telling you is you should start a blog and then tell me about it so I can read your blog and you can read mine and we'll be best friends. 

Doing the right thing shouldn't be this difficult. I'll be contemplating this on my run this afternoon. What are you doing today?
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