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Better Whey of Life and Back to Weight Training!

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:12pm
As many of you know, I had the opportunity to try a new brand of yogurt called Better Whey of Life.

About Better Whey of Life:

The 1st Whey Protein-Enhanced Yogurt

Better Whey of Life™ introduces 5 yogurt flavors packed with 15-17 grams of protein in each 6 oz cup. Finally….whey protein in a delicious, convenient food! Better Whey of Life™ yogurt helps you get more out of your active lifestyle by helping you reduce inches around your waist, tone muscle and burn fat, especially when combined with exercise. Discover a better way to a leaner you.

I picked up 4 cups of yogurt to try from Whole Foods the other night.

  • 2 Plain (I usually prefer plain since I add in other toppings)
  • French Vanilla
  • Strawberry Banana

The first yogurt I tried was the plain.

I took one taste and was not impressed. It had a weird bitter taste that grossed me out after a few spoonfuls. The consistency was very thin compare to Greek yogurt. I decided to crumble in an Honest Foods bar to try to get rid of the awful yogurt taste.

The granola bar helped a little but but once the bar was gone, I had to throw out the rest of the yogurt. I could not eat it plain. To be honest, I would never buy this again!

I was hoping the Vanilla would be a little better. I tried it yesterday.

The flavor was much better than the plain. It was still not nearly as good and thick as the vanilla Greek yogurt that I am used to. I added in another Honest Foods bar to make my breakfast a little better.

This morning, I tried my 3rd and final flavor... Strawberry Banana. I had an Honest Foods bar again (I have 6 boxes to use up still).

The Strawberry Banana was probably the best of the three. It did not have the weird taste that the plain flavor had. I would probably still never buy it since it has 14 grams of sugar. For 18 gram of protein, only 7 grams of sugar, and a delicious thick consistency, I will be sticking with my Chobani. Sorry Better Whey!!


I did not just buy one Kombucha at WF the other night...more like 3 :)

I also had a repeat sandwich from Thursday ...Lightlife Smart Deli Bologna and Turkey on an Arnold's Sandwich Thin.

I had Michael Season's Sweet BBQ chips on the side.

After work I was supposed to go to dinner with my friend from college but we canceled because of the horrible rain. I decided to go to Total Body Conditioning instead. It's been almost a month since I've taken that class! I really missed weight training and know how important it is. It was a great 45 minute class. I could tell that I have not done it in a while because I was really struggling with 8 pound weights! I was fine with them a few months ago!

My new plan is to spin in the mornings Monday, Wednesday, Friday and take Total Body Conditioning Tuesday and Thursday Nights. The only issue is that now I am used to the morning sleep schedule so I might get all confused! I'll see how it works out. If I am busy one of those nights, I can always go in the morning and do the Shred later instead. I would like to get nice and toned so hopefully this will help.

I got home and something really weird happened. There were flowers laying by my front door! They were not from the boy! They were not in packaging either.

I put them in a nice vase but I am so confused! Why would someone lay flowers in front of my door with no note??? Secret Admirer?? Hahaha yeah right. Maybe just a welcoming gift from a neighbor? I don't know!

I also forgot to mention yesterday that after the boy and I looked at a TV stand from Craigslist, we saw all these fire trucks and ambulances in front of this apartment building next door to where I used to live. An hour later we saw on the news that it was a murder scene! It was a guy that got stabbed for no reason while showing someone something from Craigslist. So scary!

Anyway, on to dinner!

We had tons of leftovers of the Lightlife Ground Veggie Crumble!

We made a little extra brown rice but we did not even need it.

I made another big salad.

The salad was just as delicious as the night before! Love this stuff!

I had some rum on the side :)

I made us chocolaty baked apples for dessert!

So good!

I also received a great package yesterday from French Meadow Bakery.

  • Hemp Tortillas
  • Hemp Bagels
  • Hemp Bread

All of their products are organic, wheat free, gluten free, and all natural. I am looking forward to trying them!


This morning I met my sister for spin. It was a substitute teacher again. She writes articles for Prevention, Shape, and answers health and fitness questions on MSN here! Very cool. She was kind of annoying because she talked the ENTIRE time and did not play good music, but the workout was a great one. I burned 420 calories. Nice start to my day!

Today I get off work at 5:00 and then I have dinner with Dori, Melanie, and our boys at a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday! I am very excited! I am also getting my hair blown out in between since I'll have 2 hours to spare :)

Tomorrow I plan to work on the apartment some more and then go home to Philly for Father's Day? I have to figure out what to buy my dad! Help! I always end up getting him clothes but that's boring haha.

Time to get back to this annoying project! Have a great weekend!

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