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Best Ways to Quit Smoking

Posted Jul 07 2010 11:18pm

Addiction to tobacco could mentally as well as physically affect a person. Being physically addicted to tobacco could lead to withdrawal symptoms among those trying to kick the butt. Among several individuals this is the toughest part about addiction to surmount over.


NRT or nicotine substitutes or nicotine replacement therapy provides nicotine minus the other detrimental chemical substances present in tobacco. Withdrawal symptoms are significantly reduced among those who smoked cigarettes. NRT when merged alongside counselling sessions or other assistance would double the prospects of quitting. There is still shortage of research conducted on the extent to which NRT assist those who use smoke-less tobacco in quitting. As people who either use smoke-less tobacco or tobacco have nicotine addiction, hence several individuals who use smoke-less tobacco consider that it might be useful to try using it.

The FDA has given its approval to the following NRT products as effectual ways to quit smoking.

  • Ways to quit smokingNicotine gums.
  • Nicotine lozenge.
  • Nicotine patches.
  • Nicotine inhalers.
  • Nicotine nasal sprays.

Neither of the above items have FDA approval particularly to assist those trying to cease smoke-less tobacco. Yet, NRT products might assist a person in quitting or in reducing the yearnings.

Nicotine patch, lozenge and gum could be procured as OTC products whereas nicotine nasal inhaler and spray is obtainable solely with a physician’s prescription.

Nicotine patchesAmong those who use smokeless tobacco, particular NRT forms could be of greater assistance as compared to others. Nicotine gums and lozenge would be more helpful in controlling nicotine yearnings whereas nicotine inhalers are intended to resemble in appearance and feel to filter tips of cigarettes. Nicotine patches give a steadily lasting nicotine dosage, however might not assist with tackling strong hankerings. Yet, patches might be of greater assistance to individuals preferring once-in-a-day expediency.

Irrespective of which NRT form one chooses, one must ensure that the pack instructions are followed and not using tobacco (smokeless variety included) while NRT is taken. It is imperative to seek medical opinion (from physician, chemist or dentist) prior to opting for NRT products.

Deriving optimal benefits from NRT

NRT solely tackles the physical aspect of withdrawal and function best when coalesced with other smoke cessation approaches like group therapy or sittings. These might lower withdrawal symptoms and thus help the person in focussing on how to cope best with the emotional-mental facets of addiction.

In case one opts to employ it, NRT would function ideally when commenced at the onset of an endeavour to cease smoking. Mostly tobacco users would initially attempt quitting by themselves and then opting for NRT. It is advisable to steer clear of NRT in case one intends on continuing use of tobacco products since the merged nicotine dosage could be harmful.

Expectant mothers or those people with cardiovascular ailments and are smoking tobacco must discuss with their physician prior to opting for any OTC NRT product.

Ways to Quit Smoking with Prescription Drugs
  • Buproprion (Zyban)A prescription-only antidepressant medication is a suspended release version which lowers nicotine withdrawal symptoms. A nicotine-free medicine which is observed to act on brain chemicals which are associated to nicotine cravings. It has the FDA approval as a smoke cessation aid; however it is yet unclear whether it could be beneficial among those who use smokeless tobacco. Buproprion appears to show optimal efficacy in case commenced one to two weeks prior to cessation date. The regular dosage is a single or 2 pills (strength 150 milligrams)/day. Buproprion could be employed as a stand-alone choice or alongside NRT. Those people with a history of seizure attacks, grave head injury, are anorexic or bulimic, manic depression ailments or issues with alcohol binge drinking must not take Bupropion.
  • Varenicline (Chantix)

    A prescription drug to be used two times a day and functions by hindering nicotine receptors present in the brain. The result is lessened physical pleasure derived from nicotine intake and lowered nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
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