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Best tips for getting six pack abs

Posted Jun 29 2009 6:17pm

Six pack abs are one the most commonly heard words in the present youth and adults also and having six pack body is a dream for so many young college guys.I have seen some people who are very crazy about that and in the process of getting that they do severe dieting and suffer from several problems like ulcers and gastritis.For this i am going to provide some tips and suggestions which i hope will be useful to you in the process of getting six pack body.

First and foremost thing is that you must have a strong dedication, patience and willpower to get the six pack abs and the result will come automatically.There are two things where you must consider here arebuilding muscleandloosing fat.

This is very important and it doesn't need severe exercises all day but if you follow some good suggestions and follow them that will be sufficient.Follow the exercises which are presented in the list below.

1. Do crunches.

2. Do sit ups.
Do leg lifts.
4. Must train your oblique muscles.
5. Follow exercises related to abs which suits your age and condition - i will provide you a link which will show you exercises related to abs and six packs-
click here.

Next thing where you must consider is loosing fat and for that here are some tips:
1. Lift weights and play games- Lifting weights and playing games will help you loose calories and thus burn fat

2. Maintain steady metabolism - try to eat small foods with 3 hour gap so that metabolism will continue burn calories and also your meal should include protein as well. The reason for this is if you don't take protein and if the calories are not sufficient then the body may utilize body proteins of muscles and abs as energy source.

3.Don't skip breakfast rather eat healthy breakfast - This is the common mistake committed by most people in order to do dieting.Researchers found that breakfast is very important in the daily energy requirements.

4.Drink more and more water - drinking water will help in increasing metabolism which result in burning calories.It also helps you in eating less food as by drinking water the hunger is controlled to an extent.

5 Eat more fiber foods which include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts and seeds.

6.Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your meals and take more protein food. Carbohydrates include rice ,potatoes and others.

7.Avoid eating refined sugars and sweets.

8.Eat small quantities in dinner.

9.Good night sleep is compulsory and rest also plays am important role.

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