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Best Sleep of Your Life: Technogel Pillow

Posted Mar 09 2012 12:28pm
A healthy lifestyle incorporates a variety of factors like nutritious food, exercise, social time and relaxation. Unfortunately, the balance of these factors tends to get skewed and relaxation gets neglected.   

Do we take time to recharge properly? 

How well do you balance the elements found in the triumvirate of health : Sleep, Exercise & Nutrition?


The triumvirate is a the model for well-being.  I would bet you are stellar at the exercise and nutrition components.  However, many of us fail to incorporate adequate sleep and consequently compromise our exercise and nutrition in the process.

Maybe, we should all take a cue from Cooper?

When I'm busy, one of the first elements that gets cut is sleep.  However, my performance pays the price because sleep impacts everything from my food choices to alertness at my job.

Enter my pillow from Technogel

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Technogel is a material that differs from foam in multiple ways.  When contact is made, the gel moves in 3 separate directions, evenly distributing the pressure thus reducing pressure peaks and improving blood circulation.

The cool side of the pillow. Always.
I used to lay my pillow on the AC vents in the summer to find "the cool side of the pillow." But, there is no need to "flip" your Technogel pillow, because it enhances thermal regulation by dispersing the heat our body gives off. There is a correlation between high sleep efficiency and a cool sleeping environment ( source ).

Cooper stealing the cool side

A suitable pillow should conform to our bodies. My previous pillow was embarrassingly shapeless and unsupportive. I'd wake with cramps in my neck and vowed to upgrade my pillow immediately.

With the Technogel pillow I experience none of the previous discomfort because the pillow ergonomically supports me whether I'm on sleeping on my side or back.

Anatomic pillow

Is it worth it?
I think so. Many will easily spend upwards of $15-20 a week on coffee to make up for lack of sleep.  While I love my Starbucks, a skinny vanilla latte will not make me more alert or energetic throughout the entire day.

As I mentioned previously , we invested in a quality mattress ( Technogel also makes those!) but failed to do the same with pillows until now. The Technogel pillows are pricey, in the $150 range, but waking up refreshed is ultimately worth it. 

Stay tuned. You just might have a chance to win a Technogel pillow of your own...

For even more information on Technogel, here's a video

*FitFluential LLC compensated me for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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