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Best Hair fall treatment for women

Posted May 10 2010 12:00am

Hair loss in women is distressing and can disturb women very seriously. The treatment for hair fall depends on its cause.

  • If the hair fall is due to some infection then curing the infection is important. Oral antifungal or antibiotic therapy is given to cure the infection. Hair styles, wigs can be used to hide hair loss. Hair transplantation is more common in recent years and one can go for it if other treatments do not work.
  • Aloe Vera with wheat germ oil and coconut milk can be used for cleaning hair. Aloe Vera helps in maintaining pH of the scalp, cleans it and heals it.
  • Application of henna helps in conditioning, repairs the hair shaft, seals cuticles and protects hair from loosing shine and breakage.
  • Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar tea daily is good for healthy hair.
  • Washing hair with tender coconut water alternate day is helpful for preventing hair loss.
  • Message with a mixture of honey and egg yolk to hair roots and hair shaft before half an hour of washing hair is helpful.
  • Message with Aloe Vera gel and coconut milk two to three times a week is good for healthy hair and to prevent hair loss.
  • Use of mild shampoo, herbal shampoo or baby shampoo is good to prevent hair loss.
  • Avoiding use of hair dryer and not rubbing hair vigorously by towel can prevent hair loss.
  • Hair styles should be done only after drying them and not in wet hair.
  • Washing hair with a powder of Acacia concinna (shikakai) and curry leaves is good for preventing hair loss.
  • Thorough washing of hair to remove entire shampoo is important to prevent hair loss.
  • Avoiding scalp sun burns is important as it can burn the hair follicles.
  • Application of paste of licorice in milk or black pepper and lemon seeds on bald patches helps in inducing hair growth.
  • Message with a mixture warm caster and almond oil is good for hair growth.
  • Scrubbing the bald portion of head with onion till it becomes red and then applying honey and daily scrubbing the area is helpful in new hair growth.
  • Massage with almond oil two to three times a day is helpful in preventing further hair loss.

According to Ayurveda avoiding constipation is very important to prevent hair loss and for overall health also. Therefore use of mild laxative can be done. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables not only serve the purpose of intake of fiber but they are good source of various vitamins and minerals which are good for healthy hair.

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