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Best Free Workout Videos on iTunes

Posted Mar 02 2014 6:30am

itunes workouts

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Committing to new healthy habits can be challenging. From buying fresh produce to joining a gym and signing up for classes, the sheer cost of adopting healthy routines can be overwhelming for many people. Luckily, there are tons of useful resources available to help you stay on track. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best free workout videos and podcasts on iTunes to help you break a sweat without breaking the bank.

Yoga/Pilates 1. — These short video clips feature healthy recipes and yoga poses to help viewers address various health issues such as back pain and stress.

2. — With almost 100 clips of various lengths to choose from, you can learn about everything from in-flight yoga to prenatal back pain relief.

3. — These 50 clips include daily yoga poses and an “Ask a Yogi” podcast that answers frequently asked yoga questions.

Calorie Burning 4. — A variety of video clips from popular Daily Burn trainers provide weight loss and lifestyle tips. Only a few clips are up right now, but considering this is a new podcast, the options are already pretty great.

5. — The 18 videos from share valuable diet and exercise information.

6. — Here , author of The Calorie Myth, takes an alternative approach to weight loss.

Cardio 7. — This weekly show contains over 160 entries that star Olympic runner . You can access training tips, race highlights and interviews with other athletes. 

8. — 100 clips of varying lengths discuss trail running, gear and interviews with athletes.

Core Strength 9. — Featuring , this podcast demonstrates various ways to sculpt and tone while using resistant bands, weights and often no equipment at all.

10. — These videos offer up unique and alternative ways to working out, from belly dancing to hula hooping. Each video targets problem areas while breaking up the monotony that is all too common in the world of workout videos.

11. — An array of yoga, Pilates and core-based workout videos, Sean Vigue Fitness appeals to viewers with a variety of health goals. Be sure to check out “The Avengers Workout” and “The Wedding Workout.”

Miscellaneous 12. — These videos will help mix up your workout routine and are guaranteed to challenge you. From CrossFit workouts to kettle bell routines and jump roping, these videos provide alternative ways to get in shape.

13. — Exercise physiologist provides workout and wellness videos so viewers can have an all-encompassing experience and work towards wellness on every level.

14. — This podcast (which airs every Wednesday) stars Jennifer Didonato, a certified personal trainer, and promises a fresh look at diet and exercise geared towards full-body makeovers.

Whether you’re doing power yoga or lifting weights, these podcasts are great options for those who want to get fit on a budget. There are dozens more on iTunes, so make sure to click around and do some digging.

About the Author: Logan Harper is a community manager for The George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services’ online Master of Public Health and Executive Master of Health Administration programs. Follow Logan on Twitter @harperlogan.

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