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Best Body Bootcamp, Here I Come!!

Posted Oct 18 2012 8:01am

So, yesterday I told y’all that I made a last minute fitness decision earlier this week. I am super excited to tell ya that I will be joining in on Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp for the next 8 weeks. It does not officially start until October 22nd but I am beyond excited to give it a go.

I have desperately been in need of a routine and something new in my fitness world. I have loved adding running into the mix but I have been feeling lost when it comes to my weight training sessions. I really believe this is the swift kick in the butt that I need. Besides, she gives away CASH prizes throughout the 8 weeks so how can it get any more motivating than that!!! Sorry to say, it is too late to join this session but if I love it, you better believe I will do it again and let you know when it is time to register!!!

Speaking of working out, I sure hope to get a run in this morning. I am feeling SOOOO much better and can breathe pretty regularly now. Whoo Hoo!!! I love reminders not to take stuff for granted….like our health and the ability to get in a good kick butt workout!!

Of course, after that run will be MORE painting. Oh my goodness, IT.IS.NEVER ENDING!!! We only have two more rooms to paint(other than the guest bath and laundry room which will come at a MUCH later date) but they are the largest ones in the house. All I know is, I will make sure it is done before this weekend. I want to be able to relax!!!


I wish I had more to share with you but hey, when you hole yourself up in the house all day, you cannot expect too much excitement. :-P (this is supposed to be an emoticon with the tongue sticking out. Hmmmm, looks like a happy face to me.)

I did manage a pretty tasty dinner if I do say so myself. And yes, even if my kids weren’t thrilled with it, I say it was good and I am the one that matters, right?!

My kids are pretty healthy eaters and don’t turn their nose up often but apparently, squash is just not their thing. Every time I make it, regardless of variety(this was carnival squash) it does not get eaten.

I found the recipe for the pork chops with a quick google search. It was called brown sugar pork chops and I thought they were pretty good. I am not a huge pork chop fan but the thin ones I don’t mind too much. Again, my daughter wouldn’t eat these either so she had a whopping two servings of green beans for dinner and that was it.

Does it make me an awful mom that I made her go to bed hungry? As we were sitting at the table I told her several times that there were no other options. She would eat what was served or she would get nothing else. I usually give in but darn it, I feel like if I spent the time cooking it, they should at least try it, which she would not do. If she tries it and doesn’t like it I will normally offer an alternative but she wouldn’t even consider it. I made my decision and I stuck to it but man did I feel guilty when she was asking for a snack at bedtime.

Do you think I did the right thing?

If you are a parent, do you make separate meals for the adults and children?

Have you ever participated in the Best Body Bootcamp? Thoughts?

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