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Benefits of Tanning with Wolff Commercial Tanning Beds

Posted Dec 06 2012 9:00am

Smart people rely on Wolff tanning beds because they understand the numerous health benefits of tanning. Today, it’s easy to visit a local salon, but you may not even be aware that many salons also depend on the high-end quality of Wolff commercial tanning beds.

If you’re ready to save money on expensive salon visits, while also making tanning more convenient, you may wish to consider purchasing a tanning bed for home use. There are many models to choose from with a variety of helpful payment plans from leading manufacturers.

Why use a tanning bed?

A tanning bed is a simple and efficient way to get tanned indoors. A tanning bed replicates the heat and radiation that comprises the sun’s rays, while maximizing saftey. There are two types of tanning beds – UVA and UVB.

Wolff tanning beds are some of the world’s leading tanning beds. Wolff commercial tanning beds are used in some of the best salons around the globe. When you’re ready, you can easily buy a high quality tanning bed for personal use. A preferred manufacturer offers a full range of models to choose from at

Health benefits of tanning

There are multiple perils of not exposing yourself to adequate sunlight. The sun’s rays are important for your body’s many physiological functions. Therefore, tanning is an important activity you do periodically.


People who have used Wolff tanning beds have experienced a marked decrease in hypertension. The radiation and heat energy produced by Wolff commercial tanning beds has even been proven to substantially lower cholesterol and overall blood pressure.


Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones in the body become porous due to a loss of bone mass. Lack of vitamin D is the chief cause of this ailment. Adequate ultraviolet radiation stimulates the internal production of Vitamin D for improved calcium absorption.


Today, it’s easier than ever before to purchase Wolff tanning beds for home use. Owning your own bed provides an entirely new level of convenience for habitual tanners – in addition to many beneficial health advantages. Tanning provides proven treatments for a wide range of disorders that include blood pressure, cholesterol level reduction, acne treatments, and even help for depression or “winter blues.” If you’re interested in learning more about the health benefits of tanning, simply visit to find more helpful information online.

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