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Beneath still waters…is a healthy immune system

Posted Sep 01 2011 5:21pm

The temperature went from the pleasant low 80′s to near 100 yesterday and today in Iowa. After a nightly walk with my wife, and after sweating my keister off mowing the lawn, I went to the fridge and downed massive amounts of water. I can almost physically feel the water do its magic after drinking it. It is true sustenance in action.  It’s a reminder of how crucial water  intake is.

If you’re gonna stay healthy this winter (or anytime for that matter) you gotta have a healthy, balanced immune system. What is the “media” that distributes immune cells to where they need to be? Lymph and blood. How does that media stay in prime form? Water. You gotta have enough water to allow immune cells to do their thing. It’s not too surprising, especially since water makes up 50% to 65% of the human body.

Water works in several different ways to aid immune function . Some might be a bit surprising, such as impacting depression, insomnia and arthritis, all of which intertwine with immune health.

Some people say you’ve got to drink bottled, purified water, not tap water. I don’t know. I am not yet convinced that all public water is crappy or dangerous. New York City prides itself on having some of the cleanest water in the world. And it’s tasted good when I’ve drunk it. The City of Charleston, SC has a nice overview of its public water system , and answers a lot of questions about health and safety standards.

Some might ask, “What about soda or juice? They both contain a lot of water. And diet soda has no calories.” Yes, but I’m leery of drinking soda or juice as you’d drink water, for basic hydration. I’d drink it as a periodic treat, not a staple. Soda has carbonic acid, which your stomach can easily handle in moderate quantities. But if you bulk up on soda, it may be a different story.

Maybe one of the best ways to explain water intake is to explain it to a child . Beautiful prose, in my book!

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