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Belly Fat Fighting Vinegar!

Posted Dec 07 2009 12:00am
Two tablespoons of white or red wine vinegar taken daily is supposed to promote fat burning qualities. I am so jazzed by this recent finding I am going to test it out on myself! You all should try this with me and let me know what happens to your measurements as in your waistline! In a recent study conducted by Tomoo Kondo in 2009 (a researcher at the Mizkan Group Corporation in Japan), individuals that consumed 2 tablespoons of vinegar lost more abdominal fat than those that did not consume it.

How It Works
"While the fat-burning qualities of vinegar are still a bit unclear, both Johnston and Tomoo Kondo, who performed the 2009 study, believe that the acetic acid in vinegar is the reason it works. Essentially, the acetic acid leads to the body producing proteins that will break down the fat and help prevent build-up in the body," as stated by

You all might be wondering how will you incorporate this ab-defining potion into your diets? I have a few tricks and delicious ways to easily incorporate vinegar as a mainstay to your diet.

1. Marinate chicken with red or white wine vinegar and a tsp of olive oil as well as whatever seasonings you prefer.

2. Marinate a lean piece of steak with red wine vinegar and a tsp of olive oil as well as whatever seasonings you prefer.

3. Red or white wine is delicious sprinkled on top of any type of salad and finished off with a little salt and freshly cracked pepper.

4. Marinate sliced grape tomatoes in red wine vinegar and a tsp of olive oil with slivered almonds for an energizing afternoon snack!

These quick and easy suggestions should get you on the right track to melting away that unwanted belly fat!
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