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Believe in Yourself

Posted Jul 11 2011 2:42am


Image: I Am Not A Number

At many times throughout our life we look outside of ourselves for things such as courage, meaning, validation.

Please know that this is different to asking for help or support.  People who reach out for help I consider to be incredibly smart.  I certainly know many instances in both my personal and professional life where if people had just reached out their hand earlier, or indeed at all, it would have made such a positive difference to their life. 

This is about searching for someone outside of ourselves that is, in fact, within us. 

Searching for courage?  Look inside your heart.  It’s there. 

Trying to find meaning in doing or having?  It’s in being.  It’s in being you.

Looking for love?  You’ve got it.  You just need to give it to yourself.

Wondering where the answer is?  It’s inside of you.

Believe me when I tell you that you are much stronger, braver and more amazing than you likely know or are giving yourself credit for.  Don’t forget that if… Read the rest

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